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Who wants to be featured on THE HERB COMPANION magazine blog?

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Hey Swappers, 

If you have an active storefront on Poppy Swap and would like to have yourself featured on THE HERB COMPANION blog. Submit writings to me:    kiki@poppyswap.com

Let's get the good word out! 

Love, Kiki

~bring people herbs~

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  • DragonflyDew
  • DragonflyDew

Does this mean writing a blog post about ourselves and our business, or writing about herbs, plants or other things? Are they open to posts with photos, or only text?

Anything else we should know?



For gardens and gardeners, nature lovers and earth sustainers ~ http://www.gardeningfornature.com
Dragonfly Dew at Poppy Swap ~ http://www.poppyswap.com/shop/DragonflyDew
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  • kiki

Thanks Kathy!

Writing about herbs and plants will be the most appreciated. How to articles such as: herb harvesting tips, growing notes, recipes, techniques are great.  Personal interest posts about products that you have on Poppy Swap is also appropriate: your history making it and highlight the unique qualities that make it a Poppy Swap type of item. (sustainability, green ethos, community connections etc) is also good.


All articles should be submitted to us and then we will work with the editors at HC to find what is most harmonious with their scene at the time. It should be great to have our Poppy Swap presence there!

xox Kiki


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