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What brought you to your herbal business?

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Hi swappers! 

Well, there has been a lot of interest in the site and many interviewers are curious to hear about our stories and how we got inspired to create our herb businesses. 


One question I got today was if anyone started after being laid off during "the recession" of the last few years and then landed in their dream......great question.......if it applies to you, please share!!


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they are also wanting to hear about "mompreneurs" Pray  moms who create their own businesses and raise their kids!


I know we have some of those!

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Hi Kiki,

I guess you could consider me a "mompreneur."  For my day job I work at home as a medical transcriptionist so I can be with my son, whom I homeschool. Beginning a few years ago, I became rather disenchanted with the personal care and household/cleaning products available, as I wanted complete tansparency and understanding to what was in them.  This lead to my decision to start making them myself.  I enjoyed the combination of science and creativity and appreciated knowing exactly what was in what I was making, so I started Mystic Farms about a year ago.  Since then, I've been on an amazing path of discovery and awareness of the power of plants and plant oils.

Also a mompreneur and a single one at that! It's been a dream of mine for some years now and I've dabbled but after the birth of my son really got serious about having a business doing what I love.

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(This is an older thread but I'd like to revive it.) I decided to develop my own herbal business because of the aftermath of the economic downturn. I was in my last year of high school when things went sour in my hometown (where I now reside after three years of college in South Carolina). Some of my favorite local shops and restaurants were posting the dreaded words "Going Out of Business" all over their doors and windows. By the end of that year I decided to leave town and attend college in another state where I would be closer to my husband (then fiance). In a college town there are always several job opportunities, but those prospects began to wane once my husband, Matthew, and I started looking outside the minimum wage earning spectrum. During our final year of college, respectively, we decided to pursue herbal business development full-time! Since August of 2011 (yep...it's Rosemary and Rue's unofficial one year anniversary!) we have been creating different products for personal use, as well as friends and family. Selling our wares was always the plan, but we wanted to really be sure that it was the right decision for us. With the lack of career opportunities for two newly graduated college students there was no reason for us not to do this! We are deeply concerned about ethical business and fair trade practices so PoppySwap and owning our own business was the absolute perfect avenue for us to exercise those concerns. I am so excited to "meet" you all (virtually, that is) and purchasing/swapping from your shops!

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Hey Guys!  I started a botanical website called Edens Botanicals.  Come check it out!  I LOVE gardening and all that goes along with it.  My husband and I are very passionate about growing and we wanted to pass that knowledge and know how to other people out there - especially to the younger generation.  Hope you like the site!  Thanks bunches!

Tai Guthery

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