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Tips from our seasoned swappers!

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Hi Swappers!

We are just finishing the technology to send an automated email out every time someone registers a new store. The purpose of the email will be to teach new swappers some of the key elements of the site such as:

-what their new URL is and how to use it for their customers

-how to add photos to their store front

-how to get Poppy Swap business cards and promo materials 

-how to use the new RSS feeds for other websites/fb/blogs Yahoo

-the guidelines for ingredients that are considered "swap friendly"

-general advising on how to promote their stores and manage customers with care 


Do you have any other ideas of what we should include?

~bring people herbs~

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Perhaps some tips on:

Photography (this REALLY helps sell product on the internet)

How to make a cool banner (or who to connect with to make them one) and what they might want to consider including on it.

Inviting other swappers to critique their store.


You can check out Etsy to see all of the handbook info they suggest. Kind of cool~




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(¸.•´ (¸*´¨( Kristie {Spirit Horse Herbals} PoppySwappin' @ http://www.poppyswap.com/shop/SpiritHorseHerbals
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YES! great ideas. 

Photography is important and writing good product descriptions is really important to sales as well!!! We have to remember a lot of new users won't know some of the terms and expressions we take for granted in our herbie culture.

I also love the idea of swappers sharing feedback on each others stores. That's what it's all about!! 

Thanks Kristie!! 

Once a week I look at base-line analytics using Google Analytics for my other selling venues - and miss having it here at PoppySwap.

I can strive for the finest quallity photos, SEO friendly titles and desciptions, conveying inspiration behind the items, etc., and market with passion ... yet without a meaningful method to measure the shop and item traffic, all of that is for (near) naught.

Without Google Analytics, I am unable to measure how my PoppySwap is performing as a stand-alone and, more importantly, how it is performing against my other selling venues.

This small, yet vital missing detail has discouraged me from relisting and adding new items here on PoppySwap (along with some other lessor details). Is there any plan to have Google Analytics available to sellers soon, or at any point in the future?



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Hi Rose!

Thanks for the feedback. Google Analytics IS on the list for a future feature of Poppy Swap. We are really trying to program as many features as possible (as quickly as possible) and felt that things like widgets/rss/and discount codes were more important and had to be done first. We ARE tracking the site and have started sending out Monthly Growth Reports to sellers to make this info more accessible. Did you get the last newsletter? ((( Did you read it ?? :)))

Here is a link to it if you missed it in your inbox: http://mim.io/105da1

We know its important info for you and we will continue to report it to sellers on a monthly basis.

Now, I know you are actually interested in the stats for your own store. While you wait for the Analytics to float up to the top of the list, are you using the view tracker feature on your product listings??  "Hit Counter" is an option available on the third page of the product listing set-up. When you select a Hit Counter, a number will appear at the bottom of every product listing when you are logged in and allow you to see exactly how many visits you have had to your store.

I really hope that helps. Thank you so much for your comment. You are the first swapper to mention this and let us know its a priority. We will bump it up the list and have it available ASAP!!!!!

Thank you!!

xox Kiki


I am aware of the view tracker for each listing and have tracked some targeted activity there, just for hits, and this has been somewhat telling. I pay attention to newletters from all my online venues, it's another benchmark for me. Thanks!



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  • gwendolyn ♥

Hello!  I have been selling online for about two years- and here are a few things I've picked up along the way.

- Excellent customer service is vital.  Treat your customers with the respect they deserve and pamper them, too.  Promptly respond to their messages and let them know that you really care about making their shopping experience fantastic.  Consider surprising them with a special treat, a free lip balm or sample from your shop that will complement their purchase.

-Clear Boundaries.  If you haven't already done so, take the time out to consider your shop's policies.  I use the etsy format for shop policies and posted it on my storefront "about seller" page.  It is really important to communicate with your shoppers- it might seem like they don't take the time to read your policies by some of the questions they ask, but most of them do, and they appreciate knowing what to expect from you.

-Always let your customer know that you have recieved their order.  I find this little gesture to be greatly appreciated by most of my customers.  Have you ever purchased an item online?  I have, and I have had the experience of waiting two to three weeks for an item to arrive without ever hearing from the seller.  It can be a little bit nerve-wrecking.  People are spending their hard-earned cash on your products, and that deserves some consideration.  Again, customers really appreciate communication.

-Don't be afraid to ask your customers to leave feedback.  A gentle reminder such as a handwritten note included with the order, or a confirmation email will really make a difference.  Your feedback is your reputation, it's a powerful tool.  Customers that have never heard of your shop before will make a purchase from you based on your feedback alone, so do everything you can to build it up.

-Never, Never copy someone else's work.  Believe in your self and your ability to summon your own creative genius, even if just a little bit at at time.  It is one thing to be inspired by the work of another, but another entirely to straight up copy it.  Make your shop Stand Out by creating your own signature style with your own signature recipes.  Also, this helps to create a sense of community with your fellow herbalists.  I have had my work copied, and I have been shunned by successful herbalists based on nothing more than a fear of being copied.  This sense of fear which hinders a growing community can be completely eliminated if we simply conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity, not only in our products but in our dealings.

-Last, but never least:  HAVE FUN!!!  If this work is not fun for you, find a way to make it fun.  If you can't make it fun, consider doing something else.  After doing this for nearly two years, I started to feel like the "shine" was gone from my shop, my products, and my enthusiasm.  I simply wasn't into it like I used to be.  I did a few things to get my creative juices rolling again.  As I was brousing through shops, I became very inspired by some of the earthy fashionistas out there, and I imagined a world where an herbalist such as myself would live to pamper the skin of dancers and models and fashion designers.  So I contacted her, and offered her some free products just for fun.  It was my way of breaking free from the business side of things, which I admit I find completely UNinspiring.  A new relationship developed and her energy inspired me to rework my labels.  It was so much FUN!!  Next, I decided to update all my shop pictures... as I was clicking away, I just felt so dull and lifeless.  Then I remembered... Fun.  So I started having fun with colors, textures, lighting, and ideas and I started having so much fun that I lost track of time.  I got so wrapped up in the photography and it was such a wonderful experience that it breathed new life into my enthusiasm for my shop.  Last, I made myself some special skin treats.  When I first started this business everything I made was inspired by my personal skin care desires.  I got so wrapped up in the business side of things, that I forgot to pamper myself with something new.  So I took a time out and imagined what I would love to feel and experience on my skin.  I made myself some new skin treats, and this experience helped to breathe new life into my recipes.  So, long story short- HAVE FUN!!! Enjoy yourself, and your love will shine through.

Gwendolyn Rose Botanicals ~ ♥

Gwendolyn, those are fantastic ideas!!!!

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  • gwendolyn ♥

Gracias, chicarerro!


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