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tincturing powdered herbs?

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Hi Herbies!

I just ordered a whole pound of powdered herb. I was mostly interested in using it topically for herbal baths and oils but now I think I'd like to do some tincture as well. 

I have never tinctured powder. Does anyone have any experience with this? Should be fine, right?

Thanks! Kiki

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Most herbs lose their medicinal and food value relatively quickly. Ever find that jar of cinnamon powder in the back of  your spice cabinet and it smells more like sawdust than cinnamon? It's good to know your sources well and find out from them when the herb has been powdered. Anythng over 6 months is questionable. That's for most herbs. There are some, like oregon grape and golden seal, that stay viable for years when powdered. Convenient, hey?

If I'm going to tincture powdered herbs, I've powdered them myself from herbs I've harvested and kept in jars in a more whole form. That's just what I do. Not everyone does this and that's fine. I use 1 part powdered herb to 5 parts alcohol for my powdered herb tinctures. Have a very fine mesh strainer in order to strain out the particulates in the tincture when it's done. I've never had much luck with using a coffee filter - it clogs up so quickly with wet powdered herbs. Maybe I'm just a git r' done kinda gal (read impatient or busy, whatever works! ha ha) and it takes too long! You may have to do several strains before the tincture is clear enough for your needs.

Sending you early morning hugs, Kiki!

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ooops! I meant to say, Most powdered herbs lose their medicinal and food value relatively quickly.

Is there an edit post place I can go to, to fix this sort of thing? I don't want to give out misinformation unintentionally.



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You can edit you post very easily! Right after you submit your post, wait a few seconds until you see it as it will appear on the forum page. This is your chance to edit it (I think it may be the only chance we get?) Just to the right of your avatar, you'll see the words "Posted (#) seconds ago. #   Edit." I usually take this chance to reread the entire post, then click on "Edit" to make any corrections. An Edit post window comes up with your words in it, which allows you to make changes. Then save your post when you are satisfied by clicking the red save post button. I use this feature, alot!


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Thanks Suzanne!!! I knew I could have just called you but now I am so happy that everyone gets to benefit from your wisdom. Thanks so much for the juicy low down!


sending you november frosty toe wiggles ;)

Thank you Aline! Kiki - I hope our big wind last night was friendly to you and your home! Safe travels to you there and back. xo

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