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The Poppy Swap Forum Guidelines: Please Read!

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This is a forum for all communication that regards the use of the Poppy Swap site and all questions and answers about herbs and herbal medicine. This forum was built to encourage sustainable e-commerce, herbal education and community that is built around shared goals and holistic values. Our vision is that people will share their expertise and their most basic questions so that we can pool our experience and develop together. To those new to the herbal world, please do not be shy! The beauty of this web is that there is no final say on the mystery and depths available to us. For those with more experience, keep learning and be generous.

Here are some guidelines for using the forum:

* Everyone is welcome on this board as long as you are respectful of the other members and of the site. There is no ‘calling out’ of Poppy Swap sellers or buyers on the forum! If you have a concern with a seller, product, or shop on Poppy Swap, or a customer dispute, please contact the buyer or seller directly off of the forum or contact Poppy Swap at contact@poppyswap.com

* Start threads in the appropriate section on the forum. This makes for easy searching!

* Poppy Swap reserves the right to delete any thread on the forum that is not consistent with the values and intention of the forum in general.

* Do not use this site to discuss plant medicines that are currently misunderstood, abused, illegal or addictive. The relationships of people with marijuana, ayahuasca, poppies, peyote, psylocibin etc  are very complex and personal and often contribute to social issues that have potential to harm. (both plant and people) Please have respect and refrain from these discussions on Poppy Swap.

Always remember, our goal here is to unite. Please let us know how we can assist you.

Love, Kiki

~bring people herbs~


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