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THe lunarbloom phases of the moon

  • lunarbloom

The lunarbloom phases of the moon take such an important place in the world and in my little corner of gaia!  A moon chart would be an awesome addition for this site! Maybe a chart for planting, tinctures are more potent and magical if made at the corresponding moon phases!

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  • DragonflyDew
  • DragonflyDew

I would love to learn more about moon phases - I have been gardening for as long as I can remember, but have never really planted according to the moon. Something new for me to learn!


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  • kiki

I love it! Lunar Bloom, do you have certain charts that you rely on that you could share with us? 

It would be cool to get this thread going with input from herbalists who are doing this and hear people's direct experience. If you have a link or a resource add to this thread!


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