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Swappers to swap marketing

  • WildMoonHerbs

I have been reading the info on marketing, and I was looking for other swappers who are interested in swapping advertisements via social networking with me.  I just started a 10% off coupon sale and I am looking for others to post about it, and I can post about your shop so we can both have a wider circulation.  If you are interested, please let me know!



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This is a great post and I hope it gets a lot of response. Gwendolyn has written about a similar idea here in the Marketing Mondays posts. 

Are you on twitter? We can certainly help by announcing it in our next newsletter and on FB, twitter!! I do notice that a lot of our sellers have gotten friendly and "re-tweet" each others shop sales and listings.  But blogging about each other's work would be amazing!

Let's get some ideas rolling here and I will facilitate any way I can.

xox Kiki

~bring people herbs~

Howdy WMH~

I'm happy to help spread your good word!


Find me here: http://www.twitter.com/spirithorseherb and http://www.facebook.com/spirithorseherbals

Post to my page and be sure to send your Tweets to me and I will forward them along, etc. LOVE supporting my herbal community~



¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸*´¨( Kristie {Spirit Horse Herbals} PoppySwappin' @ http://www.poppyswap.com/shop/SpiritHorseHerbals
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  • gwendolyn ♥

Hello, Wild Moon Herbs.

I took a look at your shop, and I think its charming, and your products pure quality!  I would be happy to help you out... Unfortunately, Facebook and Twitter fill me with absolute dread.  Everytime I go near anything that asks me to sign up for these social medias, my heart beats rapidly, and I have no peace whatsoever until I decide with certainty not to sign up.  I suppose that such media outlets simply go against all my survival instincts.  The GOOD news, however, is that I can post a link to your shop from my blog.  I have a special page set up with a mini library of links to shops, articles, and blog posts that I think are useful.  I update this page every few weeks- its actually due for an update.  A link to your shop will be posted there.  In exchange, I will take you on good faith to promote my etsy shop, GwendolynEvaRose via whatever means is most convenient to you.  Someday, I'll probably open up a PoppySwap shop, too, but I'm quite established there at etsy, so that transferring my customers to a new venue will probably take a bit of time. 

By the way, this blog page of mine gets a nice bit of traffic ever since I won a candle give-away by some talented artisans who posted a link to this page from their blog... so your shop will get a little bit of exposure here!

Thank you so much!!

Gwendolyn Rose Botanicals ~ ♥
  • WildMoonHerbs
  • WildMoonHerbs

Wow thanks guys!  I am on facebook quite a bit, but I have tried to figure out twitter a couple times and I just don't get it. Any tips on twitter and how it works?  I know it would be a great avenue if I could figure it out.   


Right now I am offering 10% off anything in my shop through new years.  The code is FALL1.  My shop is http://www.poppyswap.com/shop/wildmoonherbs  I suggest the Fire Cider as it is cold and flu season right now and it has stopped at least 3 colds in it's tracks for me this fall.  


In the near future, I am also going to do one of those giveaways where people like my facebook page and get an entry.  If you have tips on that as well, that would be great!

  • WildMoonHerbs
  • WildMoonHerbs

Kristie, on facebook, do I just post my ad right on your Spirit Horse Herbal page or do I send you a message?

Feel free to post it right on my Facebook page and then I will 'share' it again so it shows up on everyone's news feeds.

Hello WMH,

I have been doing similar swapping advertizing for friends on my FB page as well. I would be happy to reciprocate the offer!

I am doing a promotional "Like" our FB page for a give away so if you could spread the word for me that would be great and I will promote yours as well.


As far as Twitter goes, I have my Twitter account directly linked to my Facebook account so whenever I put up a status update on FB it goes directly to Twitter. I would recommend using Twitter as I have a lot of fans on there that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else.

If you start linking all of your pages it makes it a little easier....my blog posts automatically post to my FB pages as well...if you can't figure it out ask someone for help. I have a couple of friends that do a lot of online stuff that I bug all the time with questions:)

Hope that helps!

Nicole, WBN

  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

Swapping marketing, great idea!

However, I am just like Gwendolyn when it comes to social media and following my heart...so you won't find me on facebook or twitter.

I reread this conversation this morning in a new light since I started a blog on Sunday. And I followed the link to Gwendolyn's special page and found Green Journey Seeds listed there (linked to my poppyswap store). What a pleasant surprise! Thank you!

I will be glad to do the same for you Gwendolyn, post a link to your etsy store, that is, on my blog. (With your permission?) I'm going to have to learn how, first! My fledgling blog is at http://greenjourneyblog.wordpress.com, not much to look at, and zero circulation at this point, but it is a start. I want to make it a place to publicly answer any seedy questions my customers may ask, and for me to mouth off about things personal and political. Also, it is coming in handy for transferring my images from my desktop to my poppyswap store via my blog. I'm seeing an additional purpose for blogging, here in this conversation. A way to help promote each other's work.

Hey, Nicole, have I possibly seen your lovely products in my local drugstore, Tiffany's in Veneta, OR? They seem familiar?

Sharing is Oneness,


Aline Crehore, Green Journey Seeds
In Plants We Trust
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Here it is!!

The first gorgeous example of a swapper promoting other Poppy Swap herbalists through her own marketing tools. Thanks Kristie! You're an amazing gift to this community!

Spirit Horse Herbals Newsletter 

Great ideas! I am sort of doing this in my own way, well at least making sure I 'like' others FB pages and tweet about articles I like.

If you are still running sales send them my way: Twitter name VioletHerbs and Facebook page Violet

I would also much appreciate reciprocation as I've just recently got my site and pages up and running!

Peace, Michelle

~Learn about naturally caring for your skin with the wild flair and passion of the green Earth~

Hi Y'all~

I wanted to bring this thread alive again and check in with how everyone is doing with 'swapping' their marketing?!

On Twitter I'm trying to find as many Swappers as possible especially on Friday's to give 'shout-out's to encourage more people to follow you.

And please feel free to connect with me (email, Facebook, Twitter) with anything fun that is happening in your neck of the woods (new products, promotions, etc) and I will be sure to share with my network!

I think folks are catching on to post their newsy stuff on the Poppy Swap Facebook page, this is great. While we can't always get your info re-posted we do our best! Especially let us know on Twitter. That is REALLLLY easy for us to share!



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