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Spruce & Pine syrup

Norway spruce, white pine & locust tree honey (local here in Pittsburgh, PA). I made a ton and would love to barter with ya'll. Or I'll even just gift some if you cover shipping.

It turned out tasty. The honey is strong and so it's sweet though the evergreen flavor does come through not too much bitterness. I used needles, some twig bits and a couple of spruce cones. Used for bronchial complaints, cardiovascular tonic, high in vitamins and much more :)

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  • marcus mccoy
  • marcus mccoy

That's super cool!
I just received a old bottle from the late 1800s of Dr woods Norway pine syrup! It was made with CHLOROFORM!! if you can believe that! It's corked and still has medicine IN the bottle. I'm glad to see this folk medicine still in use!

Distillation is the search for the spirit within...

Hey Marcus,

Yikes that pine syrup must've really knocked people out. I've read mcuh about pine as medicine and am around lots of spruce so a bit of a search revealed all the many medicinal uses for it as well. And naturally they work well together.

I love the background image on your site.

  • DragonflyDew
  • DragonflyDew

I would love to swap with you, your honey sounds wonderful.  I could send you a medium flat rate box full of Ponderosa Pine cones from the trees on my property, along with a lip balm if that sounds like a good trade to you. Or if you have something else in mind let me know that also! I would prefer to send after the holidays, as the post office is too hectic now.

Thank you!

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  • marcus mccoy
  • marcus mccoy

Thanks I do a lot of graphic art as a hobby.
I've been thinking of distilling blue spruce soon and seeing how it's essential oil turns out. the medicinal properties of conifers goes very underrated IMHO

Dragonfly Dew- great! I'd love to swap for the cones and lip balm. Just to clarify, this is a syrup made with strong brew/decoction of evergreen and honey at a 2:1 ratio. I first made the brew and then after straining mixed with 1 part honey to warm. I'm expecting it to keep for a few months or longer in the refrigerator. You could also add some brandy or other alcohol to it if you wanted to preserve it longer. It'll be one of those things to check before using. Do you still want it knowing that? And I agree, after the holidays would be much better.

Marcus, I agree about evergreens. I have always been so fascinated with them and though I've had basic knowledge am really deepening that now. Let me know if you'd like to try any syrup too ;)

  • marcus mccoy
  • marcus mccoy

I would love to try it! Sounds fascinating. I could send you some oil in exchange.

Hello Violet!  I would be very happy to trade with you. You'll have to look on my website to see if anything is of interest.

Musing.... I was born in Pittsburgh. Steeler Nation! heh heh. My Grandma and Aunt Mary lived in Swissvale for 60 years and I remember one visit many many years ago, I was walking around their neighborhood and noticed motherwort growing in the woods. My heart soared! Motherwort...we have to grow it in our gardens here in Washington, you can wildcraft it. Lucky you! It's one of my favorite plants for it's ability to give us the mother love we may not be getting from our own mothers due to incidents, death or separation.

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Ok, I'm excited about all the trades. Can everyone send me their address privately and I will ship these out? I'd like to do it before the holiday but it depends on how busy I am..

Cedar Mountain- you have so many products, I would be happy with most anything that I saw so please just surprise me!

Oh and that is sweet your from the Burgh too. Swissvale isn't too far from me, I'm in Bloomfield and was born and raised here. It is a plentiful ecosystem herbwise, just have to watch for the dog pee!


I blogged about the syrup! Check it out here: http://violetherbs.com/sacred-herbs/tree-magic-evergreen-medicine/

  • DragonflyDew
  • DragonflyDew

I was lucky enough to receive some of violet's wonderful pine/spruce syrup as part of a trade, and I have to say that it's just lovely. I've been taking 1 1/2 tsp in a glass of water for the last few days, and it's really helped clear up my stuffy nose/cough that was coming on. Thanks so much Violet! Your pinecones/lip balm shipped today, I hope you enjoy them.

Let us know when you have more!

Aw thanks for the kind words and I'm so glad you like!

Cedar Mountain- you will be the first to know! Maybe sooner rather than later.

  • smlowry
  • smlowry

I made some white pine syrup this year, with lots of small twigs and needles. It is absolutely yummy! My thought was to use it for colds, sore throats, stuff like that, maybe w/some lemon added. Then I tasted it and - yum - so it's also good on ice w/sparkling water. I imagine it will be good on pancakes too. It's just awesome the goodies one can make from the wild plants and trees isn't it?

  • WildMoonHerbs
  • WildMoonHerbs

Do you have anymore to trade?

Hey, for some reason I don't get notified of responses no matter what boxes I check :/

I don't at this time though if I make another batch this season I will be sure to post it on here.

  • WildMoonHerbs
  • WildMoonHerbs

Cool feel free to email me as I don't remember to always check on here.  


Did you ever make more pine syrup? I don't get my email  notices no matter how much I click on subscribe, so would you be so kind as to email me at Suzanne@cedarmountainherbs.com? Thank you!


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