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Spring Propagation Fair March 24, Eugene, OR

  • greenjourney

Spring is just around the corner, and now it’s time to think about propagating! (Plants, that is.) This year’s Spring Propagation Fair & Seed Swap will be Saturday, March 24, at Lane Community College in Eugene, from 11 – 5.

At this once a year event, a large selection of fruit tree scion wood is grafted on purchased root stock. This process is called grafting and budding. Last spring, I got two grafted pear trees which I potted up into 2 gallon containers of fertile soil for root development. Now, these are ready to transplant to their permanent locations in the orchard.

Come share seeds, fruit tree scion wood, and other plant propagation materials with your friends and neighbors.

Aline Crehore, Green Journey Seeds
In Plants We Trust

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  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

"The best laid plans...hmmm...well mother nature had other plans for us on March 24! Spring arrived here in Veneta with an historic snow storm dumping over a foot of snow on our farm, March 21.

We were in California at the time, so missed the power outage, but we returned home Friday evening. The unaccustomed weight of snow caused widespread damage to many trees and took down our plastic hoophouses. Luckily for us, none of the more than a dozen limbs which fell on and near our roof broke thru it! We patched the small tears in the roof with tar, and will be picking up fir boughs and sawing up the limbs for firewood for some time to come...

For those of us who could not attend the propagation fair, there is a new free online publication available thru the Extension offices of OSU, WSU, & UofIdaho. "Propagation of Plants by Budding and Grafting, PNW 496" describes why gardeners graft & bud, and how to do it. 

Anyone who did attend the propagation fair & seed swap and would like to swap seeds with me, should leave me a note thru my poppyswap store email?

Glad to report that our poppy seedlings survived the thick blanket, and the many perennial herbs and flowers sustained little damage.

Counting my blessings,




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