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So much to share! Who's getting crafty and handmade for the holidays?!

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 I think it would be an amazing offering if we all came together with some recipes to share with our customers, fans for how to hand-make herbal gifts!

If you have a favorite, write it up. You can either fancy it up for the blog or just pass em through the forum to friends. 

Wreaths? Lip Balm? Those would both be first for me.....

xox Kiki

~bring people herbs~

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  • WildMoonHerbs
  • WildMoonHerbs

I am making herb infused chocolates, similar to Rosemary Gladstars recipe but jazzed up a bit :)

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  • kiki


I love making chocolate!! Do you want to share your recipe as a blog post for our readers?

There's a gal up in Bellingham who makes balm of gilead infused chocolates. I can now eat my favorite tree in chocolate! A dream come true. I would be very interested in recipes so I can make my own herb infused chocolates.

"Step over to the Wild Side, where the plants have always been 'Green.'" S. Jordan
  • marcus mccoy
  • marcus mccoy

Whoa cotton wood truffles?! That's gotta be an interesting taste! Been focused on doug and grand fir hydrosols and essential oils for the holidays. I've got Doug fir essential oil available for those making candels or soaps, nothing smells more like Christmas then Doug fir.

Distillation is the search for the spirit within...

I'm excited to start experimenting with soap making this holiday! I am working on my recipes for beeswax, honey, and propolis soaps. My friends and family will get to enjoy my experiments this holiday as I dial things in to be ready to sell my soaps at markets in the spring. I'll be playing with using a high percentage of local oils in the soaps - we'll see how Oregon-grown safflower oil turns out! :)

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  • kiki

Suzanne!! I don't know that anyone can top our sweet chocolatier (have you tried her Salted Rosemary chocolate??)

Here is the basic recipe I use for my chocolates:

Equal parts raw cacao powder and melted coconut oil: slowly add sifted powder to oil while whisking.

Maple Syrup or Raw Honey to taste

Salt and Raw Vanilla Bean/powder to taste

Then any additional flavors you'd like. Cinnamon, cayenne, mint etc are always favorites. All I do is coat ice cube trays with coconut oil and then fill and freeze :) Mix it 5 minutes, 20-45 minutes and your totally done!! Fancy, healthy and freeekin delish!!!

The best I have done: 

dried blueberry and lavender oil bars

cranberry/almond/coconut cluster bars

chocolate coated cherries

chocolate covered strawberries with lavender honey

But really, any flavor you can dream of would work. Be careful with essential oils,  a little goes a long way!! 

  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

Thanks for the sweet recipe, I have some organic cacao nibs which I guess I can just melt with the coconut oil.

Kiki, after your delightful visit here I wrote this to you…

“I’m loving the moxa ball, and can’t get enough of that scent. It reminds me of sage, the desert, and all.
I have a good association between your moxa and a felted wool ball I learned how to make with a felting needle.
Similar feel but without the herbal scent. Thank you for this special gift.”

Then I recalled that our daughter, Chaponica, who taught me this easy way of felting had asked Steve for some of his aromatic dried herbs to put inside a little felted animal she was crafting for our grandson Cyrus.

And now your aromatic healing gift has inspired something new…and crafty…I hope you like this?

An inner voice said to me, why not felt the moxa ball to keep the goodness in a warm, fuzzy place I can carry with me? So, I did. And I do like it, the wool roving adds a whiff of lanolin…

felted moxa ball

Felted Moxa Ball made with love and appreciation at Winter Solstice 2011

Yours truly,


Aline Crehore, Green Journey Seeds
In Plants We Trust
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  • kiki


Ahhhh!! its a little fuzzy love ball of moxa!! If I send you a couple of balls will you felt them for me? I would love to give them to my wildcrafting partners!!

  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

Kiki, glad you like my creation! What fun! Remember you said this thread is about sharing recipes for handmade herbal gifts?

Needle felting is soooo simple, you just have to be careful since the needle is sharp and has tiny barbs on the tip. With your needle experience, this should pose you no problem. Here's what you'll need...

1 moxa ball

1 felting needle

small amounts of wool roving in several colors (I guess about a gram will do, the finished ball weighs 2 grams)

Roving is wool fleece which has been washed and carded but not spun into yarn.  Hold the moxa ball in one hand, cover it with a thin layer of roving and push the needle through the wool into the moxa ball. Pull the needle out again and repeat.

Notice how the wool fibers become attached to the moxa fibers with each push/pull. Many piercings are necessary to secure the fibers, but it really is as easy as pushing pins into a pincushion.

For my creation, I covered the entire surface by adding layers of red wool until the white moxa surface was hidden. Then I applied the white wool in the heart shape, and the yellow wool in the sun shape.

You, too, can make a one of a kind creation. Or two.


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  • kiki

Awesome Aline!! "teach a Kiki how to felt!!"

I love it. I'm going to do this over the weekend! 

I thought for some reason felting had to go in the washer/dryer?? 

  • coira44
  • coira44

At least for about 10 of my closest friends, I have decided to give them a bunch of homemade herbal soaps for the holidays.  It is easier that they have similar interests at least in terms of scent making the production and making time a lot faster.  I actually have not done this at least economically but if good feedback turns out, i guess I might give a shot at it.


I turned into a whipped body butter makin' QUEEN this holiday season. They smell so good I feel like I could eat my arm after I put it on me.

'arm lickin' good'. i might use that as my motto. ha!


Anyway~ here is a totally easy recipe. you can hardly go wrong with these so feel free to use your intuition and add things as you go!

please note, these are completely rough estimates in terms of measurements. i'm a total freestyle kitchen queen and i never measure anything. i feel and see what looks good. so you may need a little more of this and a little less of that. just have fun with it!


  • 2 oz Shea butter
  • 1/2 oz Cocoa butter
  • 1 oz Mango butter
  • 2 oz infused oil (or you can leave it out)
  • Dried lavender flowers ( tiny handful)
  • Dried calendula flowers (tiny handful)
  • essential oil (lavender). put the essential oil in after you have brought the bowl out of the freezer. don't heat the EO's.
  • love~ remember to feel and remember the Truth as you co-create this product with the plants and butters~ it will be infused in the final product. ahhhhh....

melt down your ingredients slowly on the stove top. i don't use a double boiler, but you could.

pour your melted goodness into a nice glass bowl.

put the bowl in the freezer. don't let it freeze, but let the ingredients chill down until you see the butters/oil somewhat solidifying on the edges of the bowl. 10 or 15 minutes or so?... depending on how cold our freezer is.

get your hand mixer out.

grab that bowl and mix away until it turn into frothy whipped goodness. if it is taking FOREVER to whip up, stick it back in the freezer to cool down. and by forever I mean more than 5-10 minutes.

yoink it out of the freezer again and whip it. you know you are done whipping when you see 'waves' in the butters and it looks like you could eat it. and technically you could!

scoop your beautiful whipped goodness out into your favorite containers.

you can increase the amount of whipped butter you make at one time. just keep the ratio's somewhat as i provided with the initial recipe. Basically i've found that I want to use more shea butter than the other butters because it has the consistency that i really love and less cocoa butter than the others because it is quite hard and we are making whipped butter, not stick butter! make sense?




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