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~Sacred Earth Friends:Friends of the Earth:Introduction~

Hello Fellow Swappers~

We are fairly new here on Poppy Swap! This is such an exciting new community. We enjoy going through and seeing what's available here in the Marketplace, forum, etc., and weaving our way thru to experience the blessings & opportunities here on P-Swap.

There are so many talented, knowledgeable, unique, down-home, earthen, herbalists, & home-made creators here, what an array of beautiful beings! The extent of  offerings here just about covers anything we will ever need as far as maintaining our radiant healthy glow.

We are reaching out to introduce ourselves, we are "Sacred Earth Friends", http://www.poppyswap.com/storecatalog.asp?userid=170 .

Creators of a potpourri of offerings. We are a husband and wife team focused on making products that enhance self-care, sharing our message for "PEACE" in a wearable design form, and tools for connecting, enlightening, & enhancing one's "space" for clarification in your moment to moment daily routine. We also fancy creating delicious foods, and offer an all purpose seasoning salt blend, http://www.poppyswap.com/detail.asp?id=873&n=All-Purpose-Desert-Sage-Seasoning-Salt . Yum!

We strive to bring beauty inside each offering we make. When you purchase from us we work festidiously in-joy to package and prepare each offering as a gift of the spirit for you!

Reach out and say hello if you feel! We look forward to growing together here on Poppy Swap w/ you all.

~Sacred Earth Friends

Asha & Ambuja

aMBuJa & aSHa

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...We are here to learn more about herbs, wild crafting, and making herbal skin care!


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