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plant love in a big city

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Hello! I'm denise. I live as an visual artist in NYC and also work giving grants in the performing arts. Even though I've lived in this crazy city for 11 years now my love for the natural world is deep and I hope to help bring awareness of it to my peers here through my own learning and teaching. Even here in the city powerful medicinals like burdock and mugwort grow abundantly.  I have been studying herbs deeply for about 3 years now and this fall spent 6 weeks at the United Plant Savers Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary in Ohio (http://www.unitedplantsavers.org/.) I encourage anyone and everyone to visit there and if you can stay for the immersive internship experience! It is such a wonderful place! I kept a blog about my experience here: http://www.seedstemflower.tumblr.com. check it out and excited to read your posts!

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Hi Denise,

Your blog is great! Fantastic pics and layout. I've been wanting to visit the sanctuary for years now. I could never find direct info on it through UPS website but maybe I'll check again.

I'm in Pittsburgh so city plant love here too though not nearly as big as NYC and we have many undeveloped mountains.


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  • ofthespirit

hi michelle,

i actually stopped in Pittsburgh on the drive home for a few nights after close friends of mine have lived there for years telling me to visit. I really liked it there and identified a lot of plants in the city that were also growing at the sanctuary Ohio! They recently redid the UpS website, the direct link to the internship info is: http://www.unitedplantsavers.org/content.php/151-UpS-Internship-Program and all the UpS folks are helpful and sweet so I would encourage you to contact them with questions.


I just checked it out and it is much more informative now! I've always just wanted to visit (not so much intern) and now I see they have ways to do that by camping or renting a cabin. That's great. Yep, Pittsburgh is more in Appalachia, but the ecology overlaps with the foothills.


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