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New to Poppy Swap, hoping to make herb-minded friends. :)

  • Jadeswan

I'm passionate about herbs and I'm excited to explore Poppy Sawp. I'm looking forward to getting to know some people here and learning and hearing about others' experiences with herbs.

I'm a homemaker and homeschool mom of two. I live in southern Oklahoma. My love of plants started when I was a young child and spent hours outdoors climbing trees, pretending to gather wild herbs for winter and lying on the ground looking up at the blue of the sky sliced through by green blades of grass. When I was in my mid-teens I acquired my first herb book and it opened a whole new world for me. Over the past fifteen years I have read any book about herbs I could find. I have a small herb garden and enjoy making herbal products for my family and using herbs both medicinally and cosmetically. I'm currently about half way through Rosemary Gladstar's Science and Art of Herbalism course and am also part way through Susun Weed's ABC of Herbalism course.

I plan on attending the Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference this fall and would love to connect with other people who are planning to attend.


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  • kiki

Hi Jenny!

You created such an awesome vision for me of you as a little girl gathering your herbs for winter....I can imagine, in your play you took that very seriously lol!! Too cute!!!

Your course work sounds so exciting. I'd love to hear a review of those programs....might even make a cool new thread here for other potential students to get real feedback!

I am super sad but I am pretty sure I have to skip Kiva's Conference this year. It falls the weekend before Rootstalk which is in my neighborhood.....some day Poppy Swap will be there!

Thanks for saying hi! SO awesome to have you in the community!

xox Kiki

~bring people herbs~
  • Jadeswan
  • Jadeswan

Thank you for the welcome, Kiki! It's great to be here. I hope to make a regular tradition of attending the TWH conference so maybe I'll see Poppy Swap there someday. :)

I'd be happy to post a review of the courses if you think people would be interested.

  • DragonflyDew
  • DragonflyDew

Hi Jenny and welcome to the swap! You will love being part of the community here, I know that I do. I am hoping to attend the TWH conference next year - this year just won't work out. It's not that far from me (relatively speaking) as I'm in Colorado.

Looking forward to hearing about your courses also.


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Hi Jenny,

I would love to hear what your experience is of Rosemary's and Susan's correspondence courses. PLEASE!


I am most likely attending Traditions. And, ah-hem, KIKI, I think you could potentially do both. I will if you will. :-)


I look forward to connecting with you, Jenny~



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  • Jadeswan
  • Jadeswan

Thank you for the welcome, Kathy and Kristie. I'll start a new thread to discuss the correspondence courses. :)


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