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Meet the Wildflowers of Detroit!

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Hi all!

I am part of the WinterRoot collaborative, and we are kickstarting a project that I think you'll be interested in!

With this project, called Wildflowers of Detroit, we hope to turn peoples attention away from the decaying buildings of Detroit and toward the plants steadily establishing themselves. The project itself consists of software applications which will be used to upload photos taken of wild plants in Detroit's open spaces. These images are then uploaded to an interactive map! We already have a first-draft of this project online, which you can see by following the link in our Kickstarter project. 

If you do not live in Detroit, don't shy away; the software we will make is going to be open source so it can be re-purposed by anyone with computer skills. We also have a reward tier for backers that will bring Wildflowers of Detroit to your city!

We only have TWO DAYS LEFT so please check out the link below and consider becoming a backer!!

Thanks so much in advance,


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Hey everyone, make sure to click Gwen's link and watch their video. Its a really sweet project.

I really hope this forum can propel its success. Turn the light on what's right in the world!

~bring people herbs~

This is a really sweet project.  I love the juxtaposition of wildflowers and neglected industrial buildings....  just the kind of perfect mix of mystery and nature that draws one in to slow down and look more closely. 

I can easily imagine a world that celebrates wildflowers.  Such a project of light.  Good luck!

Gwendolyn Rose Botanicals ~ ♥

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