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<br /> <b>Strict Standards</b>: Non-static method BP_Options::get() should not be called statically in <b>/home1/lotusnhc/public_html/</b> on line <b>9</b><br /> Marketing Monday:: Rock the Swap! « Poppy Swap Forum

Poppy Swap Forum (Home) » Sellers- Poppy Swap Features and Marketing Tips

Marketing Monday:: Rock the Swap!

This week, we want to be sure you know about all of the amazing tools available to you here on Poppy Swap. They will really help you rock the Swap! If you set up your store 3 months ago and then moved on to the rest of your busy life with your fingers crossed for some sales, it’s an important time to check back in and amp things up. Poppy Swap continues to bring us better tools and creative community. Let’s be sure to use them for our benefit. We have new customers to delight everyday!

Tips ‘n Tricks to rock your Poppy Swap selling experience

Widgets, Widgets, Widgets! Its a weird word but you really need to know what it means! Because Widgets ROCK! Widgets are a mini-version of any possible page on Poppy Swap. There are a variety of ways you can customize a widget for your store including featuring just your store’s teas, or just lip balms or just herbalists in West Virginia. You can easily create the widget you want. Poppy Swap gives you the code to embed and you can move your whole gallery of products ANYWHERE ON THE WEB. For Free!! This means you can make your own website, Facebook page, or blog super fancy, super fast by including your customized Poppy Swap store gallery in the form of a widget. Fans will then be easily directed to your Poppy Swap store to have a little shop. Here’s a great example of how Kathy @ Dragonfly Dew uses her Poppy Swap widget to create a store front on her blog. Heck, ask your friends or family who have blogs and websites to include your Poppy Swap store widget as a banner on their site. They love you, just ask! To get started making your very own cool widget, click here.

Discount Codes: These handy dandy discount codes can really provide incentive for potential for customers to shop in your Poppy Swap store. By offering free shipping or 10%-15% off people will be more motivated to spend. You can set coupons to run for a designated period of time or choose a designated number of coupons and run a special for the “first 10 shoppers.” It’s easy and simple to set-up. Just go to “My Account” when you are logged in and look for “Discount Codes” in your management area.

Poppy Swap Schwag: We have lots of FREE and fun ‘schwag’ (i.e. marketing materials) available to you here on Poppy Swap to help you ROCK the Swap. You can download postcards, stickers, and even business cards right here on our website to help YOU promote your store and products. It might seem challenging or even creepy to promote yourself. We’ve all been there!! We just want to support people and hang with the plants but if no one knows we are here, how can we help? I encourage you to take some time and make the effort to put Poppy Swap in the consciousness of the people. The co-op board, your herb school, local green grocer, and community events are great places to hang a flyer. People are looking for healthy products and community. We can help if they know where to come! The stickers are great for adding color and personality to your product shipment and look awesome on the outside of your package. And if you don’t have the computer chops to make a business card, the ones on here are all set up and ready to go! Click here to check out the cool Poppy Swap schwag.

Network with US! As you’ve probably already experienced, Poppy Swap is an online network that allows us to connect with one another in the virtual world when we can’t be together in person. We can share ideas, enjoy good herb company and inspiration, and even provide leads and referrals. You’ll be rewarded in spades! Have a question about how to work on your store? Want to meet the other herbalists in your neighborhood or get people to your event? USE THE FORUM! Twitter and Facebook are also our playground. Herbalists are friendly. In our experience, just introducing yourself is enough to be welcomed into the tribe! Recently I had a customer ask me about morning sickness and if I had a pregnancy tea that would support her. I didn’t, but I sure know who did! I referred her to Jessica at Morgan Botanicals. I LOVE to support my herbie friends!

Events: We have a great events page here on Poppy Swap. We encourage all of you to continue to post herbal events, classes, and symposiums on our events page. It’s a wonderful way to let our customers know of all of the great things happening in your area and a great way for you to “get in the know” and get yourself present at the gathering. Having fun and learning about herbs will skyrocket your herb world more than anything else because your heart will become full. And you know, we here at Poppy Swap LOVE to travel. So, if you have an event that you think it might be beneficial to have Poppy Swap attend, let us know, and we will see what we can do!

Our goal for summer 2012 is to help our vendors get discounts into some of the larger festivals and conferences. Start visioning your dreams for summer. What does your booth look like? What events will you be at? How can we help YOU make that dream come true? Click here to check out the events page.

Feature, feature, read all about YOU: Did you know that every month we LOVE to feature herbalists on our blog? And our readers LOVE to hear about the herbalists behind the scenes. If you’d like to share your story and journey on your path to becoming and being an herbalist with the world just email Kiki at and let her know. It’s a wonderful way to get to know your peers as well as introduce yourself to customers. You can submit recipes, articles and other herb news as well. This Ginger Oil recipe from Ananda got hundreds of views and and our readers were so grateful for the idea~

Get YOUR good word out—advertise! Here on Poppy Swap we are building our advertising program. We have created excellent ‘slots’ on our homepage as well as forum and blog where you can place your savvy and creative ad. This is an effective way to gain exposure to potential customers. And it’s CHEAP! Email Kiki at for more information. We’d LOVE to help get people into your store!

Have a friend, Be a friend: I imagine that we all here agree that being a part of community and supporting our fellow members is one of the most fulfilling and nourishing aspects of being here on Poppy Swap. We learn from one another, share with one another, and in general just feel GOOD when we can help each other out. So, let’s be sure to spread the word by sharing links from each other’s websites, blogs, and Poppy Swap stores. Let’s lift each other up and spread the Poppy Swap word!

We hope you find some of these Poppy Swap tools helpful to help you rock the swap. Please know, you can always email us with ANY questions. We’ll do our best to make your experience here on Poppy Swap the best!


About the author:: Would you like support with your herbal business efforts? Kristie Nackord, fellow swapper and the ‘herb girl’ behind Spirit Horse Herbals, is also an independent marketing consultant available to help YOU! For more information, click here~

Kristie Nackord
Marketing Consultant~

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  • DragonflyDew
  • DragonflyDew

Thanks for using my version of the Poppy Swap widget on the Dragonfly Dew website. It's really easy to add one, even if you're not a tech savvy person! I will gladly help if someone needs guidance on blogger. You can also add it to Facebook, as you can see here:

Kristie I'd also just like to say how much I love all your marketing articles. I really must get myself in gear an update my store with more products and my blog/website with up to date postings. Too many things to do, too little time!


For gardens and gardeners, nature lovers and earth sustainers ~
Dragonfly Dew at Poppy Swap ~

You rock, Kathy! Thanks for the offer to help us Swappers! I'm so glad you find the MM posts supportive and motivating! That is what this whole experience is about for me--lifting each other up by offering inspiration and guidance--it is the blessing of community~



  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

Hey there friends,

I'm just getting around to this widget feature, prompted by your recent post Kristie about how you got your storefront connected to the facebook timeline. It looks like a widget sorta? When I clicked on the immunity tea blend it shows the whole poppyswap page, while staying within the facebook page. I've been wanting to try out the widget on my fledgling blog.

For my part, I tried copying & pasting the widget code into a new post form on my wordpress blog. No luck at all. So, I dredged up this thread with Kathy's offer to assist in this process. Kathy, is your offer still good, pretty please? I need help if you are willing?


Aline Crehore, Green Journey Seeds
In Plants We Trust
  • good4you
  • good4you

hey kristie and everyone ! thanks for the awesome post . i am so glad and it's so crazy u posted this because it is just what i am doing with my websites ... pimping out the swap materials . i just put the widget on my website ... i still have to tweak it around a little, but i was wondering how to take off the part of the widget that says 'get this widget' in red ... 

i totally think that all shops on poppyswap need to do their part in promotion . we are all in this together as poppyswap is a fresh new marketplace on the internet . etsy has so much power at the moment, and such a built in community . we have to help out the swap and our shops by being community marketers just like we are herbalists in our community . it is the only way, i believe, poppyswap can bring in more wonderful peeps to see, learn, be inspired and maybe even buy our goodies !!

much love

  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

Yes! Jess,

I want to second that emotion...all that you said about being in community! Darling Kathy has agreed to look into my widget problem, soon...yes!

And my oh so goo news for you is that I am now on a high speed wireless connection, and trying it out for the first time today!

And dear Jess, I finally am able to see your tumbler and I am delighted with all your herbal images...I feel like I just received a soothing warm, herb bath! I don't know how you did all that, or how many lifetimes it took to do, but I'm super impressed. You are showing 2 of my creations, the calendula seed packet and the aphrodite syrup label with I designed for Terra Firma Botanicals years ago! Surprise! And what a wealth of herbal info I see there in addition to your great book list!

So, is there anything I could easily do4you? Swap marketing or swap seeds?



  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

The good (not goo, my typo) news is my internet connection is 20 times faster, now!

The oh so bad news is that I can't put my poppyswap widget on the blog. According to Kathy (and I am grateful to her for looking into this) the widget code is a java script snippet which is not allowed on blogs.

Kathy suggests using a free site like or free blog like which supports all kinds of widgets and code. I like how the widget functions on your website, Jess, and how it gives easy access to both your website and poppyswap store in the same window.

The wordpress blog is working for me as a place where I can upload photos from my desktop and get them a URL address. From there I can post images here on the forum OR in my store's product listings. I am just beginning to learn how to blog with the wordpress learner's guidebook. So, for now, I think I'll drop the widget idea & just put a link there to my store.

Thanks everyone!


  • Amanda Lynn
  • Amanda Lynn

Hey Kristie and Dragonfly Dew! I know this forum is old, but I'm hoping to get some help with my widget...

Dragonfly Dew, you have only your items on the widget, which is great! How did you do it? I have the widget on my blog, but it just takes folks to the Poppy Swap website, not my store, and it showcases ALL the stores, not just mine. So I also made a link directly to my store, but I would love if I could make an entire page out of it like you did Dragonfly, and have it showcase all my items and nobody elses, and have the link go directly to my store. Advice?

Thanks so much!

~Amanda Lynn

Amber Fox Apothecary

Wildcrafted and Organic Herbal Products Made With Love


Looks like you got it figured out. Your blog looks GREAT!




¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸*´¨( Kristie {Spirit Horse Herbals} PoppySwappin' @
  • Amanda Lynn
  • Amanda Lynn

Well, Kiki helped, because she's awesome! You both are! And thank you!

  • good4you
  • good4you

hello every1 ... i was trying to to remove the part of 'get this widget' from the poppyswap widget . but i came to peace with it ! as Kristie told me : it is totally accessible to everyone out there to get the widget too, to spread the poppy love !

yo Amanda , ur blog does look awesome with the widget ! sweet work . i think i have to play around with mine a little more to make it feel as right as urs . 

yo Aline . thank u for ur awesome words 'bout the tumblr ! i am in love with plant work ! part of my soul expression... i think using the internet and it's blossoming blog scene, is an amazing outlet for up and coming herbalists/businesses ... taking pictures for it, is part of my daily tasks . when inspired, i grab the camera to share what my eyes are soo inspired by ... do u have anymore holy basil seeds ? i am looking to stalk up on some for my seed stash . i also need nettles and chamomile ... if u want to trade, that would be so awesome ! it's so craZy you did art for Terra Firma and i posted it on my tumblr ...was it the herbal aphrodite syrup ? ur artwork is awesome ! glad to share the love .

i was obsessed with collecting everyone's goods from poppy swap last year ! i think buying from each other's shops is a great way to sort of 'trade' and also increase each other's shop exposure/feedback profile . it also helps to share our amazing unique herb energies or as i like to think, our interpretation of the plant language !

anyone have any more ideas of how to promote poppyswap ?

  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

For the love of plants we are inspired to create herbal products, for the love of beauty we artfully package them, for the love of community we share our blessings!

Thank you so much, Jess, for your compliments on my artwork! Yours is sweet & bright, more free-spirited and comical, some-what light-hearted...very enjoyable! And from your kind words sprinkled thruout these pages, I feel you are also health concious, environmentally aware and community minded! I've been wanting to buy something from your store, too, I'm not sure what, yet? I love that you make your own boxes and labels by hand!

I mailed you some holy basil seeds, yesterdaySmile...and I truly hope to have nettle seeds later this season. The earliest green fruits have formed in the nettle patch, and I intend to learn the right moment for collecting the mature seeds, by trial and error. This is one I have not yet saved, ever, for fear of it becoming a pest...but we highly value this herb and have several nice stands in flower now. These all sprang from just one plant we dug at the Oregon Country Fairgrounds years ago. We have managed it's spread by not letting it go to seed, but it also increases by root runners, and is very persistant, to say the least! We don't have chamomile at this time.

Check out this forum thread for more ideas on combining nettle seed and holy basil, thanks to Kiki & Tina. They gave me the idea to try the green (immature) seed for medicine.

Back to the widget subject, I learned how to do a custom menu on my wordpress blog which links the blog to my poppyswap store. It is right at the top of the page as a tab above the title "Greenjourneyblog" followed by the phrase "Visit Green Journey Seeds at" It ain't a widget, but it works great!

A simple (if not a bit trite) promo idea: We could get some of those heart shaped labels, (which Kristie found) & print our own heart designs on them (say Jess's good4you logo, my peace is growing affirmation, your whatever you come up with) and also do another one with a "we love poppyswap!" design. We could sticker our packages before shipping, when they are delivered our buyers will be reminded that they found us on the swap!

You know, I think this forum is shaping my world somehow...

Crazy, humble & green Aline

  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

I am looking at your store listings, and the lavender sunglow sunscreen caught my eye! I'd love to try it, either by buying or trading? I am gathering seeds of meadowfoam (Limnanthes douglasii) right now, if you are interested? I could pack some in a plain coin envelope, when they are fully dry in a couple of days and mail them on to you.
I'm thinking in addition to the holy basil & nettle seeds you requested and in trade for the lavender sunscreen?

Amanda, do you want to share how you customized your widget? Your blog has so much going for it, good for you! I stopped by Mama Rose's Naturals in Eugene this week hoping to meet you there. Felicia Colden, whom I am pleased to meet, has taken over the business from Rosetta and she hasn't met you. Felicia does know Carla from Wild Wines (another poppyswapper).

Sharing is Oneness




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