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Marketing Monday: 6 tips to make your product descriptions work FOR you!

You don’t need to be a copy-writing professional to create compelling and tantalizing product descriptions. But we all know that feeling when there is big, blank, white screen staring back at us. It can be agonizing rather than inspiring to get the words out. Here are some basic guidelines that will make the task easier for you and keep customers coming back for more!

6 tips to make crafting product descriptions a more joyful job!

1. Put the most important information first: Research has shown that people will only read 20%-28% of words on the web-page. Visitors are spending limited time reading and more time scanning, so be sure that the most important information about your product is first.

Essential Content:

  • Benefit of product to the buyer. What are the benefits of the product that the buyer will receive? How should the buyer use your product? Is your tincture good for the immune system? How? Tell the viewer. Check out Organic Unity’s description for their Immunity Unity tincture. They did a great job!
  • Size (volume, weight). This way the buyer knows exactly what they will be getting with their purchase. This information can also go in product title portion of the product listing. Such as: Sleep Well Calming Herbal Tea 3.5 oz.
  • Materials used. Let potential buyers know what you’ve used to create your product. Check out The Village Apothecary description for their LaborTea. Well done!

2. Write FOR your customer, not for YOU. We herbies LOVE to drop knowledge with words like: carminative, astringent, diuretic, antispasmodic. But we need to consider all of our customers when writing our product descriptions and realize that many people don’t understand what those words mean. Nothing will get someone to click out of your store faster than when they read words that are ‘over their head’. Think about more user-friendly word descriptions such as: soothing to the skin, relieves gas and bloating, assists with muscle aches, etc.

3. Got style? Using bold fonts, italics, and bullet points will help the reader’s eyes stop or at least slow down on your page. Use of white space is helpful, too. I’m not a big fan of all capitals, but utilizing them for STRATEGIC words to enhance your message is helpful and will draw the reader’s eyes to the most IMPORTANT part of your message.

4. Optimize: To assist people with finding your Poppy Swap store who’ve never visited it before, be sure to utilize keywords that will help them land in your shop. If you are selling an herbal tea that is helpful for sleeping, consider using keywords such as: organic herbal tea for sleep. Here is a quick article on writing a product description for SEO purposes.

5. Analyze: Soon on Poppy Swap we will have Google Analytics. When that day comes, be sure to examine the keywords section of Google Analytics to understand how people are finding your shop. Notice what words they click on to enter your shop. This information will help you continue to optimize your product descriptions. In addition, pay special attention to ‘average time spent on website”. This information will tell you if visitors are reading what you are writing, engaging in your photos, or clicking in and clicking right out, also known as bounce rate.

6. Nothing is static: Ain’t that the truth! When was the last time you asked someone to proofread your product lisitngs? When it comes to your copy, the concept of impermanence is incredibly helpful. Always remember, you can continue to tweak your product descriptions so they work FOR you over time. Pay attention the next time you land on a web-page. Are you bored or do you love what are you reading? Are you ready to copy and paste the link to your friends or are you rolling your eyes and moving on? Spend the time to apply your own good taste to your Poppy Swap store. Creativity has no expiration date and your customers will love seeing something new when they return to your store.

Here is a product description by EdenSong Essentials that we think will knock your socks off!

Rosie Apples FACIAL TONER 2 oz

Refreshing and purifying while tightening and refining pores, our Rosie Apples gently tones and rehydrates your skin as it removes makeup and dirt. Its astringent properties work deep to clarify and restore the natural pH balance of your complexion, yet it’s gentle enough for daily use.

By stimulating new cell growth, it acts to counter the effects of wrinkles and aging, encouraging younger looking skin. Rosie Apples helps clear up blemishes, while moisturizing and calming skin. Beneficial for all skin types. Leaves your skin radiant and velvety smooth.

To use: Rinse face and neck with warm water to open pores. Massage toner gently into skin. Rinse with warm water. Splash with cool water to close pores. Pat dry. May also be applied straight to clean face with cotton pad and left to air dry. Follow up with moisturizer.

And Finally:

3 building blocks for a solid foundation

The grammar must get a gold star:
Grammar and spelling mistakes happen to the best of us. Ensuring your product descriptions read mistake-free will aid in the professionalism of your store and assist with buyer confidence. A description full of typos will make a customer wonder about the quality of the product. Remember, this is our only chance to make our first impression, so let’s put our best foot forward. I recommend writing your product descriptions in Microsoft Word or another word processing application that has spell check. Better yet, have someone proofread and edit your product descriptions.

The pictures must be perfect:
Last week, we discussed the importance of product photography. You can view that post here. Product descriptions and photos work together. The truth is visitors will most likely spend most of their time viewing your photos and the first couple of sentences of your description. Be sure to take the time to create beautiful photos of your products. Online, we are bombarded with images. Only great photos captivate us. For online sales, pictures really do speak louder than words.

A good name will get you in the game:
This post is not about product names, but people won’t bother to read anything if they don’t like the title. More importantly, your name will play a significant role in branding your product as well as search engine optimization. I recommend you consider it the central feature when you are ready to launch a new product.

We have a lot of experienced sellers here on Poppy Swap. What do you all think? Have any tried and true methods or tips to share with your fellow swappers? If so, we want to hear, so please comment below!

About the author:: Would you like support to expand your herbal business efforts? Kristie Nackord, fellow swapper and the ‘herb girl’ behind Spirit Horse Herbals, is also an independent marketing consultant with over 16-years marketing and business development experience available to help YOU! For more information, click here.

Kristie Nackord
Marketing Consultant~

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Hello fellow swappers~


How are your project descriptions coming along? Do you feel good about what you have written for your products in your Poppy Swap store? Do you have questions and are you in need of a little fellow swapper support? Wondering if you've hit the mark, or if you are way off? I'd love to know how this 'lesson' is coming along for you. Please feel free to share your experiences. Post links to product descriptions you'd like some input on.... Let's help each other out~



  • RosaArtemisia
  • gwendolyn ♥


this was a great post, and very inspiring.  I haven't had as much time as I'd like to spend on updating my product descriptions, but it is a much needed task.  After reviewing some of my product desriptions, I realized that some of these descriptions haven't changed much since I first wrote them.  My goal is to make my product descriptions sound a little bit less like a sales pitch and be more informative.  I also want my passion and enthusiasm for each product to shine through, as I am genuinely excited about the products I post.  When I first started this business, I was very shy and my approach was very subtle and understated. I still prefer understated, but with a little bit of flowery cheer and a good measure of Goddess love.  However, as I began to undertake this task last night I was struck with a terrible toothache. *Ouch!!*  I did get one product description updated, though!! *Yay!!*  I also revised the name of this product (my names can get a bit long and fancy).  Can't wait to get started on a few of the others... I will be needing to update some of the pics, too, eventually. 

This product started as Fresh Avocado Mask and then became Abundant Moisture hydrating and nourishing mask.  Now it is Abundance moisture rich mask:


Any constructive criticism is welcome.  Or none, if it pleases you.

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into these very informative articles, Kristie. 

Gwendolyn Rose Botanicals ~ ♥

Hi Gwendolyn~

Thanks for posting a description for us to review. Your mask sounds wonderful especially as I sit here typing this in a VERY dry climate! 

Here is your description for ease of review:

A rich green mask that is made with raw wildflower honey, ground oats, citrus essential oils, organic vanilla powder, fresh avocado, and other amazing ingredients to create a Gorgeous mask that will leave your skin so hydrated and soft you will not need to follow with a moisturizer. Abundant Moisture mask moisturizes, soothes, tones, and exfoliates. The perfect mask for dry, mature, combination, sensitive, and normal skin. Naturally scented of Honey, Brown Sugar, Citrus, and Vanilla.

The sentences I put in bold I feel are some of the most important information you can convey to the viewer who will only read 20% of what you write. Let's make sure they know how the mask will benefit them, how they can/should use it, and who it is crafted for (i.e. skin types, etc).... The listing of ingredients can follow later on in the description. The scents sound delicious... and again, since we aren't in the store able to open the lid and smell and feel for ourselves, I think somehow these could be incorporated within the first 2 sentences, or so. Lastly, I wouldn't capitalize the word "gorgeous", as your style you use throughout your description is such that you only capitalize the name of the product "Abudance"... and I would keep the name of your product consistent throughout. Is it, Abundant Moisture Mask, or Abundance Moisture Mask. I see a couple of variations.

I played with the description just a little. Please know, there are probably 101 ways to write a description and this is simply ONE way I'm suggesting...

A rich, hydrating, facial mask loaded with all natural and organic ingredients that will moisturize, soothe, and exfoliate your skin.  Use daily(?) for dry, mature, combination, sensitive, and normal skin. Made with raw wildflower honey, ground oats, fresh avocado, and other amazing ingredients to create a gorgeous mask that will leave your skin so hydrated and soft you will not need to follow with a moisturizer.

Natural scents of honey, brown sugar, citrus and vanilla infuse this mask ..... and so on...


Write on, Gwendolyn! Enjoy this very special part of the creative process! You're doing great~



  • RosaArtemisia
  • gwendolyn ♥

Thank you, Kristie.

I think I get what your saying.  Write what it does and and who its for within the first couple of sentences.  What its made of, how it will affect your skin, and how it smells can follow afterwards.

Then you suggest consistency in the name, which I agree.  I have changed the name recently, so the labels don't necessarily match the new name.  I will have to make new labels and take new pictures soon.

Thank you for the feedback- that was very helpful.

If you send me your mailing address I would be happy to send you a free sample!!♥

  • RosaArtemisia
  • gwendolyn ♥

Okay, so I get what you meant about name inconsistency.  I had forgotten to change the name within the product description.

This is what I changed:

Abundance Moisture-Rich Mask is a gorgeous mask that will leave your skin so hydrated and soft you will not need to follow with a moisturizer. This mask moisturizes, soothes, tones, and exfoliates. The perfect mask for dry, mature, combination, sensitive, and normal skin.  Naturally scented of Honey, Brown Sugar, Citrus, and Vanilla. Use one to two times a week or as often as needed.

Then, I continued with information regarding each ingredient.

Thank you, again, Kristie.

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