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Manufacturing and Licensing Permits

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I am planning to set up an online store from home in California. Are we allowed to process and repack herbs for resale from home? Or do we need a lab like facility to make tincture, soaps, salves etc...

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Hi there,

We encourage you to contact your local and state regulatory agencies who govern your permitting and licensing requirements. In the meantime, here is a link to the GMP standards for manufacturing herbal products. http://www.who.int/medicines/services/expertcommittees/pharmprep/QAS04_050Rev3_GMPHerbal_Final_Sept05.pdf

Please also feel free to download a free copy of our ebook: How To Successfully Sell Online. Perhaps there will be some helpful tips!


We look forward to you joining our ever-growing and evoving community here on Poppy Swap!


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In Maine, my business is registered as an "herbal craft". I make creams, salves, etc. I can make these from home to sell, no problem. I also make tinctures, however that's a "gray" area because when you make anything for sale to the public that they take internally (and I assume this also includes tea blends), you're supposed to have the health department inspect your kitchen and certify it. To me, for things like tinctures and elixers and even tea blends, this seems like overkill. In fact, many of my fresh herb tinctures are made right on my garden bench outside in the sun. I do have access to an approved kitchen in town and if I really wanted to sell my tinctures on store shelves in town I could take my herbs/alcohol/honey/etc. there. So far I have decided not to do that. Each state has its own regulations and you don't want to get "caught" doing something wrong because it may put you out of business totally.

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