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Let's be real.....in our ingredients!

I use my witch hazel straight in replacement of liquid called for in a cream recipe. If the recipe calls for 1 cup of aloe juice, I replace it with 1 cup of witch hazel. My creams are not drying in the least.

Incidentally, you can make herbal witch hazels using dried or fresh herbs and purchased witch hazel (the commercial type) the same way you'd make a tincture. If you think about it, the medicine of a plant isn't normally in it's "water," but in and around it's cells. Dried herbs are simply medicinals without water. The medicine is not dimished (perhaps slightly), if dried and stored well. Commercial witch hazel contains a high amount of water, so if you put in dried plant material, it will rehydrate the plant material. That doesn't really make any difference to the extraction process of medicinal constituents. So, in my opinion, the medicine of either fresh or dried plants can be extracted into witch hazel.

I know that many people talk about the "spirit" or energy of the plant being more evident in fresh plants vs. dried. This is a whole other topic. Maybe someone can start that topic. I have to go get ready for my class - nervines!

Talk to you all soon!

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Hi all~

GREAT discussion going on here...

Susan, we have been discussing pricing on another forum post including how to 'cost out' essential oils. Violet Herbs provides insight into how she calculates and DragonFly (Kathy) shares some software tips: http://community.poppyswap.com/forum/topic/marketing-monday-the-path-to-pricing-freedom


I have a question about NATURAL SUNCREEN. Do any of you here make it? And what are your thoughts about zinc oxide? To the best of my understanding this is the SPF part of it all. Saw a post today on Facebook which shared a natural recipe including zinc oxide.





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Hi everyone,. i use Leucidal liquid as well but the best price i fouind sold online is the sample shop

i asked why they are able to have the lowest pricing vs other retailers and they said they are a sister company of the manufacturer. same stuff ive ordered it they ususally have free shipping

so its best  i order from them hiope this helps you

website is formulatorsampleshop.com

if you email them at their info mail they will provide you with free shipping code

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natural sunscreen by good4you

Here's what I used this summer, thanks to good4you, and geko & I did a great swap~~seeds for sunscreen! I used this all summer with good results, kept my face from burning from long hours working in the garden. I still have about half a tube left for fall & winter! It has zinc oxide, as Kristie mentioned above, I had no ill effects, but I do wonder if I should use it every day? Titanium dioxide burns my skin imediately, and most natural sunscreen have that, too.

Anyway, I really just want to recommend this as both a sunscreen and moisturizer. Fits in my pocket so I can take it with...smells great, too and feels nice on my face. good4you is good4me Heartaline

p.s. These nasturtium flowers are my sunglowiest yellow, and part of the nasturtium mix we sell here. Sold out for now but returning soon as the fresh batch is drying in the seed room right now!

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