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Kiki G, love to all poppy people

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Hello fellow poppyswappers!

I'll introduce myself first by saying that I am so excited to be here with you! I am so amazed by the good works of our herbalists, vendors and teachers and I would like Poppy Swap to be a vehicle that nurtures us as a community. There is so much positivity and sweetness in what we are doing and I look forward to working together and providing something of beauty to our world. 

I grew up as an environmentalist, tree hugger, moon chaser and kitchen alchemist. My life changed dramatically at the age of 22 when I was hit by a car and sustained severe injuries to my legs and back. Within two years, I began studying acupuncture at Bastyr University in Seattle. While there, I was honored to study with amazing herbalists and physicians. But the best part of my education came from the 3 years I spent on staff in our herb pharmacy.  I spent my afternoons reading herb prescriptions from our doctors and students and filing formulas for the patients at our herb clinic. Smelling, scooping, blending, and caressing the herbs, I had the chance to study and meet them while witnessing how they work and how people respond to their impact.

For the last ten years, I have continuously studied Chinese Medicine throughout the United States and Asia and have been practicing Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in my small town community practice. I have also studied the herbs of my own region with Suzanne Jordan at Cedar Mountain Herb School and co-write a blog on NW herbal medicine: medicinewomen.wordpress.com.  

I live deep in the quiet woods on an island in the Pacific NW surrounded by nurturing cedar and majestic douglas fir, the earth breathes fertile and moist in my evergreen forest.  

I am deeply motivated to help people create community that values nature and to to assist people in developing natural / sustainable businesses. 

I am also deeply motivated to assist people in experiencing the healing love and offerings of the plants. 

I believe Poppy Swap can do all of those things!

Let's rock the swap!

Love, Kiki

~bring people herbs~

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  • anchasta
  • anchasta

Kiki...your corner of the world sounds gorgeous...I've never been to the Pacific NW but it is certainly on my list. Let's rock this swap indeed!!

Head Pixie of Pixies Pocket: Honey & Electuaries:
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  • kiki

these trees!!! coming home here is truly coming home to paradise.


you should come up to the nw herb fair


  • WildMoonHerbs
  • WildMoonHerbs

Thank you for all your hard work Kiki!


Thank you for all that you are doing and offering~


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  • kiki


Its totally coming from a bigger fountain of energy than I could ever know. I'm just enjoying the ride entirely. It has been a beautiful canvas to pour creativity onto. I really believe it could serve so many people and provide gifts in so many directions. Together we form such a powerful statement about connection and sacred life. So many people believe in what we do. We offer so much soul to this world! 

Please know that for all of the intense work and creative joy of Poppy Swap, the absolute highest part has been meeting all of you.........recognizing how much beauty is already here in this world.............

Y'all bring it and it is super fun to hang out with you and watch this happen!!

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  • kiki

now, how do i get my picture up on this thing lol.....better ask kiki ;)


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