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Kia ora! I'm Danika from Herb & Petal Natural Skin Care...

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Hi there! My name is Danika, I grew up in beautiful New Zealand and now I'm living in the Okanagan of BC, Canada. I'm on a journey to learn all I can about the native medicinal and edible plants around me in this unique semi-arid valley of lakes. I am doing my 'book learning' through Anima Herbal School and Herb Mentor, but most of all I get out there with my field guide, my boy on my back and my trusty pocket knife!

I started making homemade skin care recipes when I moved to Canada as I missed my favourite fresh all natural skin care lines from NZ. From there I kept researching and refining my skills until I had created a line of beautiful products that really work. I blend my skin care potions using tried and true skin care herbs, extracts, distillates and essential oils with pure plant butters, gorgeous plant oils and clays from the earth. I'm starting to play around with some ideas for a small BC wild plants range, starting with some locally distilled Monarda hydrosol. I believe in truth in labelling and fully research and disclose any ingredient I use on my labels as I feel strongly about offering a truly natural and ethical product. I love what I do, I hope it shows through in my skin potions.

When I'm not learning my herbs or working on Herb & Petal I am finding a moment to write on my herbal blog or getting myself into various adventures with my 2 year old son Aries and his Daddy, my husband Dave.

I'm so glad to be here with you all on Poppy Swap and can't wait to try some of the beautiful products made by other Poppy Swappers!

Happy Spring!


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  • anchasta
  • anchasta

Nice to meet you, Danika!  I wish you success in your ventures - your products sound fabulous. :)

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  • kiki


We SO haven't forgotten your tea!! Its on the way darlin!

~bring people herbs~
  • Danika
  • Danika

Thank you Anchasta! Nice to meet you also! I love the look of your infused honeys, what a beautiful thing to offer the people. Awesome stuff!

Kiki! I got the tea and stickers, thank you! I had actually forgotten all about it, oh dear... We love love love the Aphrodi tea by the way, we drank it as tea and also mulled red wine with it over our camp fire last weekend to drink sweet with honey. Oh and my husband wanted to share that, well, it ummm, works quite well ;) Poor guy was 'up' all night. Ha!

I must come visit the forum more often! Hope to chat to you all soon again.

With love,


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