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It's nice to be here, Poppyswappers!

  • anchasta

Hey there, y'all...my name is Amber (aka Anchasta, aka Pixie) and I am really digging the feel of this PoppySwap site.

I've been interested in herbal medicine since I was smooshing berries and grasses together and "feeding" it to my friends.  Now I sit in the yard and eat violets next to my chickens while they peck at the grasses.  I suffered from terrible migraines when I was 13, it lasted for a whole year without cease...drug after drug was given me to no avail.  Finally, a young doctor in orange Chuck Taylor's suggested to my mother that I could try a strong cup of coffee and an ibuprofen or two...lo and behold, caffiene was what I needed to regulate my blood flow and reduce my pain.

I now treat most everything at home.  I'm from the swampy area of southeastern Virginia, between the Great Dismal Swamp and Virginia Beach, hence the name of my blog : Swamp Pixie Herbal

Around 2007 I started doing herb-infused honey, not knowing it had an old tradition attached to it.  When I came across others who did such things (on the Susun Weed Forum) I was excited...I now have a business on Etsy selling infused honey and electuaries, but am about to move to my own website! 

I don't plan on selling my honey here, unless folks really want it, but this shop will be for the wildcrafted/homegrown herbs that I have excess of.  I'd rather it get used while potent rather than sit ailing on my shelves! 

I guess that's about it. Many blessings to you all!

Head Pixie of Pixies Pocket: Honey & Electuaries:

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  • DragonflyDew
  • DragonflyDew

Welcome Amber and it's so nice of you to be so friendly! Your honey sounds wonderful and your Swamp Pixie Herbal is a great name. It's nice getting to know everyone here, isn't it? I knew right when I found Poppy Swap that it is the place for me.

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  • WildMoonHerbs
  • WildMoonHerbs

Welcome!  I love honey!  I made a garlic honey.  Also a lavender honey that is really hard to strain out, but still good to add into teas. Hope you are enjoying spring!

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  • kiki

I haven't made it in a long time and last time I just got into eating it lumpy lol since it wouldn't strain but I did have the thought that I would maybe POWDER it first next time with a coffee grinder then no strain.....but maybe a little grainy??

~bring people herbs~
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  • kiki

Dragonfly Dew!! You are heaven sent ;)

  • anchasta
  • anchasta

DragonflyDew...thank you kindly! :)  yes, indeed, Poppyswap is the bomb-diggity.

Kiki:  powdering is great...think of it this way...if you have more honey than powdered matter, you have a thick honey.  If you have more powder than honey, you have pastilles, or herb/honey candies once you've rolled them into balls and dried them.  Anywhere in between is totally malleable in hot liquid! <3

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