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Holy Basil Bartar?

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I am noticing a lot of swappers are working with this herb. I have never grown it or even met it in person. It was brought to me as a gift a few years ago and infusing it has offered something really powerful to me.  I would like to work with it more. I would love to have it come sourced from someone in this community. 

I could offer a trade of Artemesia Sucksdorfii. Wildcrafted from clean, well loved spaces on our island. 


~bring people herbs~

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I will have a better idea on what my harvest might look like this season in a month or so.

I am growing Sacred Basil to dry...tincture and infuse in oil...and I may do an elixir this season.  It sounds

like you would like some dried herb and I am not sure yet how much I will be getting yet ...but If you have

any interest in the tincture...which is made with organic grape alcohol or the infused oil (olive oil) I do have some of that

on hand from last years harvest.


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Hi Kathi!

This is so great! I am a little too sensitive for alcohol but an oil would be great. If there's any chance of left over dried herb that would be the best!

How about you, moxa or dried mugwort??

Great Kiki~

Send along your address and I will send you some oil...I think the oil is divine... I just love it! and we'll see what the season brings for the dried herb.  I would love to have some dried mugwort.

Kathi Langelier

21 Wentworth Rd

Lincolnville Maine 04849

Thanks Kik...I am so happy to be able to give some of this oil to you.  Have a great day.



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Mailing some out as soon as I get back from camping ;)) YAY

Also, in the airport yesterday and there was organic tulsi tea in the drugstore cooler!! Not even any "evaporated cane juice" nonsense! Just pure tea....our people are taking over the world!!

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  • birthbliss

aloha kiki!
i would Love Love Love some moxa, I do postpartum moxa treatments on my mamas and would just love to try using a fresh wildcrafted version. how do you "spin" it? i have an artemesia here, but the spinning part mystifies me.

i have numerous tinctures and oils to trade, as well as dried herbs.  is there anything else you are looking for?

much love, darby

om lokaha samastaha sukhino bhavantu
"may all the beings in all the world be happy"
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  • kiki

Aloha Darby!!

I would love love love to send you some moxa ;)) We have wildcrafted sucksdorfii and it is pure heaven. Here is a link to an article I wrote that will describe how to make your own : How to make moxa. Where are you? Do you know what is growing in your region?

Hmmmm, I often say surprise me but I'd be curious to hear a selection of what you have on hand. 

Send me your address @ kiki@poppyswap.com and I will send out some moxa asap!!

Love it!! xox Kiki


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