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hello everyone ! i'd like to share my herb book stash with u . please feel free to add more interesting , insightful and inspiring reads ! <3

healing herb guide books

-herbs, the visual guide to more than 700 herb species from around the world . lesley bremness (my first magical herb book, it is soo good in a mysterious way

-prescription for herbal healing . phyllis a. balch (a great resource of hundreds of herbs, also includes a section on chinese formulas

-rodale’s illustrated encyclopedia of herbs . kowalchik and hylton (a great book for learning about herbs for cosmetic use, overall info on lots of herbs, however i disliked/disagreed with some of their precautions on some herbs… a little bit of a negative tone, but also can be important)

-encyclopedia of herbal medicine . andrew chevallier (one of my favorite all time books in a mysterious fashion, has lots of info)

-ginger, common spice and wonder drug . paul schulick (all about ginger!)

-beyond aspirin . paul schulick (amazing research on inflammation as the cause of most disease and how certain herbs help, i took a class with the author, he is the owner of new chapter herbs and very friendly)

-healing herbal teas . brigitte mars (a great recipe book of herbal tea blend for those interested in blending their own teas, thankfully i got this book after i created all my blends, b/c if i didn’t their are too many good recipes to just morph into ur own!)

-psyche delicacies . chris kilham (an excellent adventure into the herbs coffee, chocolate, chilies, kava and cannabis , i know the author and he is cool)

-therapeutic herb manual . ed smith (an awesome little book on liquid herbal extracts, not DIY, more herbal info based)

clinical herbalism books

-the abc guide clinical guide to herbs . mark blumenthal (very scientific based but the info is the current research, very good resource, i met the author, he is good natured and very genuinely charismatic about the herbal world and your part in it)

-the practicing herbalist . margi flint

traditional chinese medicine books

-ancient herbs modern medicine . han, miller and deville (i love this book, a great intro to traditional chinese medicine with a great herbal and clinical focus)

-your face never lies . michio kushi (amazing basic info on diagnosis by just looking at someone’s face, not really herbal based, more for healing purposes)

ayurveda books

-the handbook of ayurveda . godagama (a great beginner’s guide to ayurveda)

-the yoga of herbs . frawley and lad (one of my favorite books of ayurvedic herb use)

folk/native american medicine books

-stalking the healthful herbs . euell gibbons (one of my current favorites, the recipes are so honest and amazing)

-the lost language of plants . stephen buhner (a mystical book based on native american medicine)

-sacred plant medicine . stephen buhner (native american plant healing awesomeness)

-healing wise . susun weed (i have it, haven’t read it yet, but i heard it’s a great folk medicine book, check out susun weed’s websites for tonnssss of free info on herbs)

-indian uses of native plants . edith van allen murphey (southwest based native american medicine)

-alewife’s garden, 7 radical weeds for brewing herbal ales . nostrand and sarles (love love love this book on brewing herbal drinks)

-rainforest remedies, one hundred healing herbs of belize . arvigo and balick(crosses over to some herbs we use, belize herbal medicine is awesome)

-kava, medicine hunting in paradise . chris kilham (an awesome adventurous book all about kava, inspired me to go to hawaii and try it for myself!)

herbal energetics

-the energetics of western herbs (two volumes) . peter holmes 

-herbal energetics . online course . kiva rose (amazing way to learn how to use herbs from our very own senses, this course is offered about once a year online)

healing books

-secrets of reflexology . mclaughlin and hall (an awesome little book to start giving and getting these amazing foot massaging techniques)

-acupressure way of health, jin shin do . iona teeguarden (an amazing book of this particular kind of massage)

growing herbs books

-your backyard herb garden . miranda smith (great overview of herbs that are pretty common and easy to grow, excellent for beginners)

-growing herbs in containers . gilbertie and oster (a great small book on potted herbs, i recommend it for city dwellers)

field guides (northeast focus)

-peterson field guides eastern/central medicinal plants and herbs . steven foster and james duke (alot of herbalists recommend this one, i haven’t found THE field guide book yet, but this one is pretty good)

-weeds of the northeast . uva neal and ditomaso (a basic botany field guide, dry, but so helpful in identifying those herbs that are hard to figure out

herb business books

-start up : start your own herb and herbal products business . rob and terry adams (a great book, but it is best for those who want to have a thriving herb farm, if so, this book is for u !)

-herbal medicine chaos in the marketplace . rowena richter (learn about the current herbal regulations in the US, kind of dry but important)

food books

-food as medicine . dharma khalsa (a yogic approach to eating, herbal insights in this respect)

-rawsome . brigitte mars (super amazing guide to the raw food diet, tons of recipes and useful info, i met the author and she is an amazing spirit)

-wild fermentation . sandor ellix katz (the best DIY fermenting book ever)

-the teen’s vegetarian cookbook . judy krizmanic (i can’t tell u how much  inspiring magical cooking info i gained as a teen)

-food enzymes . humbart santillo (an excellent book on enzymes and digestion)

-the life bridge . sarnat schulick and newmark (scientific based, but great info on the amazing goodness of fermented foods and their benefits

herbal zines

-herbal roots zine (indie style)

-herb companion (awesome)

-herbalgram . the american botanical counsel (scientific, tribal, a forefront magazine overall, known as the official newsletter of the herb industry)

-the herb quarterly (great DIY herb projects, comes out 4 times a year and you can buy them at health food stores)

-ahg . the american herbalists guild (i recommend joining if u wish to take the herbal path of becoming a clinical herbalist aka an herb doctor, i joined b/c u get a discount off mountain rose herb products !!)

-neha . the northeast herbal association (new england based, all the current herbalists are listed here, i recommend joining if u are a serious herbalist or student)

herbal conferences (but there are many more)

international herb symposium . ma

women’s herbal conference . vt

florida herbal conference . fl

green nations gathering . ma


...from my tumblr <3

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Great idea, Jess! These are just a few of my fav's/go-to's...if some of my favorites were on your list I didn't repeat.




Aviva Romm's books: Botanical Medicine for Women's Health; The Natural Pregnancy Book; Vaccinations-A Thoughtful Parents Guide


The Complete Herbal Handbook for Cats and Dogs, Juliette de Baircali Levy 

The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable Juliette de Baircali Levy

Veterinary Herbal Medicine, Wynn/Fougere


Growing Herbs

Growing 101 Herbs that Heal, Tammi Hartung

Making Medicine

Making Plant Medicine, Richo Cech

The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook, James Green

FREE Blog Reading

Check out the Complete Herbal Blog Roll. LOADED with great herbal blogs to peruse.



Plant Healer Magazine

The Essential Herbal


Traditions in Western Herbalism

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Oh, I just love herb books! Thanks for sharing your favorites, it's great to hear some new titles to check out! And I concur on Sandor Katz, James Green, American Botanical Council's Herbalgram, Richo Cech, Tammi Hartung, and Plant Healer Magazine.

Here's some additional resources that I love and frequently peruse:

The Green Pharmacy, James Duke, PhD..My very first herb book. aww

Plants of the Pacific West, Michael Moore

Edible and Medicinal Plants of the West, Gregory Tilford

Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast, Pojar and Mackinnon

Visionary Plant Consciousness - shorts by many authors

Herbal Tonic Therapies, Mowrey, PhD

The Holistic Herbal, David Hoffman

Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants, Andrew Chevallier

Rosemary Gladstar - lots of great books.

The Way of Herbs, Michael Tierra

Folk Medicine, DC Jarvis

Native Science, Gregory Cajete - this is more on the indigenous worldview, very useful for herbalists.

Folk Medicine in America Today

And here's some books on nutrition everyone interested in holistic health should probably have:

Healing with Whole Foods, Paul Pitchford

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Weston Price

Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon

The art of good living, Svevo Brooks - an excellent manual.

And, if you're into gardening with herbs, here's some additional useful titles:

Gaia's Garden, Toby Hemenway

Botany for Gardeners, Capon

Permaculture: A Designers Manual by Bill Mollison

Permaculture - David Holmgren

Edible Forest Gardens, Jacke & Toensmeier

Designing and Maintaining your Edible Landscape - Kourik

The Medicinal Herb Grower - Rico Cech

Food Not Lawns, Heather Flores

Teaming with Microbes, Lowenfels & Lewis


And for more heady, philosophical earth-based worldview-type reading, I recommend:

Animate Earth, Harding

The Hidden Connections, Fritjof Capra


Can you tell I'm a total biblio-phile yet? :)


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