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Hello from Cory AKA AquarianBath

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Warm wishes from Daytona Beach.

I am a work at home mother of 2.   I have lived in Central Florida for 8 years after moving from Seattle, Washington where I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Every year I get a little better with my herb and vegetable cultivation.  This winter I had a wonderful crop of German Chamomile, Motherwort and Calendula which grow as Winter Annuals here.  Now I'm growing Holy Basil to tincture.  The Vana and Krishna varieties are looking good this year.  The Krishna seems to be the easiest to grow in great quanity here.  I have one new herb this year also which is Belamcanda chinesis AKA She Gan.  I love to grow Chinese herbs.  Here is more info about this one: http://www.tcmassistant.com/herbs/she-gan.html

and a picture:


You can find me on facebook for networking and herbal fun: Cory Trusty or AquarianBath. 

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  • anchasta

Nice to see you here, Cory Su! :)  If you need yarrow, I could sure use some Chamomile!

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