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Hello, fellow poppyswappers -- waving from Nashvegas!

  • edensong

Hi everyone,

I was dragged kicking and screaming to the site -- just kidding! Wink

Life has been a bit hectic lately and getting my butt into gear setting up shop and being involved on the forum has been on my "to do" list.  Last night, I got a gentle reminder from a FB posting, so I just dove in and made a dent in my shop, listed a bunch of folks from #gardenchat in my #FF twitter listings and now I'm here.  Dance

I've been making edible organic skin care for a few decades, along with gardening -- veggies, herbs, and flowers.  Made a move to the country a few years ago, just outside of Nashville, so I'm still in the process of developing new garden spaces.

Look forward to getting to know everyone!

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  • kiki

Welcome Welcome!!

Hee hee, have we been using social media networks for to seduce swappers?? perhaps.....

We are so glad you are joining the community Edensong! I imagine that if your gardens look anything like your products, you are truly in Eden ;))

Thanks so much for saying hi, we are a friendly (and you can't tell from the computer) but great smelling bunch! (It's all the lavender ;)

xox Kiki

~bring people herbs~
  • edensong
  • edensong

Thanks, Kiki!

  • xiaojiecee
  • xiaojiecee

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