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For Poppy Swap sellers. New feature: discount codes!

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Hi Swappers! 

We'd like to add a feature for your stores to allow you to give discounts and promotions to your customers. Here's an outline of the concept. We'd love feedback BEFORE we build it so that we make it just how you like it!

In Your Poppy Swap store

You will be able to add coupon codes in their MyAccount section

While adding coupon code, you will provide the expiry date(date range) and maxNumber of uses. The code will be invalid when the current date is not in the date range or when it has been used more than the maxNumber specified. Both the date range and the maxNumber can be optional.

This way, you can create coupons for individual customers(maxNumber=1) or for general public(using in marketing campaigns), within or without a date range.

In the coupon codes list, you can check that how many times a coupon code has been used.


Customer Experience

On the cart page, customer will be able to enter the code and apply it to a single invoice. If code is valid, they will see the discounted price with the original price. e.g.     $100$80 (20% discount!)

The discount will not be applied to tax or shipping(let me know if you want to apply on final price).

Now the user will be able pay the discounted price.

In the invoice, the discount amount will be added as credit so the user knows that he bought a $100 item(s) and got $20 discount for that.

The coupon code will be available in the credit note of the invoice so both the seller knows which code was used for this sale.


I know that some of you are really experienced on-line sellers so please let us know if you have any ideas on how to make this even better!!

Love, Kiki

~bring people herbs~


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