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Has anyone had any positive experiences using herbs to control fibromyalgia? My doctor has me on alot of medications and to be honest it is getting very expensive. I was wondering if anyone has tried alternative ways of controlling fibromyalgia and did they have a positive outcome from it?

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Hi Genita!

Well in the holistic view of the body there is no formula for treating a person. What I mean is that in Chinese Medicine for example, 5 different patients can come in with fibromyalgia but each one may need an entirely different protocol of care to best assist them. 

That said, patterns I have seen the most commonly have been people suffering from digestive flora imbalances and/or leaky gut which is causing systemic inflammation or people who have suffered a severe trauma such as car accident etc and the body has never recovered from the memory of the trauma. 

Herbal therapy would have to be chosen on a case by case basis but generally ALL fibro patients respond really well to acupuncture!!

Good luck!!


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  • Genita
  • Genita

Acupuncture is one thing I have been looking into. Maybe I will be able to try that out within the next couple of months. I just thought if  I could find a good herbalist they might could help me get off  medications. I guess Im looking for a cure but that is probally not a realistic approach.

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I think herbs could really help, its just that its always best to find somebody local who can do some good evaluation of YOUR specific needs and be of real support to you. There are so many wonderful ways to improve your health and people who can be on your team. If you let us know where you are, maybe we can help you link in to some resources in your community.

  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

Hi Genita,

Yes, I am using herbs alone to positively manage my fibromyalgia symptoms. I'm not an herbalist, but I have lived this journey for 13 years. If you will contact me, privately, I can offer you peer support.

Kiki is very wise in pointing out that each case is unique. That is because there are multiple causes, and it takes a combination of causes to manifest fibromyalgia. Without identifying your particular causes, and striving to address them, no medicine alone (herbal or otherwise) will cure it. Ideally, you will seek local resources as she advised?

Please look into the groundbreaking work of Dr. David Dryland, a rheumatologist from Medford, OR. I highly recommend his 2007 book, The Fibromyalgia Solution. You can download a free chapter from the website.

I believe that one herb, in particular, stands out as a specific remedy for fibromyalgia. This is Mucuna pruriens, a tropical woody vine also known as Velvet Bean. It provides a natural source of levadopa, or L-dopamine. Once you have read Dryland's book, you will understand why I have chosen to use this herb. Of course, Western doctors don't prescribe herbs, but when I asked him about a non-pharmacuetical alternative, he encouraged me. If you are interested, I will explain more.

Thanks for bringing up this important and complex topic for discussion. I encourage you to be in touch, you are not alone!



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  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

Here's another landmark book to guide us with Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia, A Journey Toward Healing by Chanchal Cabrera, 2003. The chapter Herbal Materia Medica gives us the background and uses of the herbs she uses in her clinical practice in Vancouver, B.C. Like Dr. Dryland, she also speaks from personal experience with this illness.

Sample her writing with this excellent article if you will?  Introduction to Herbal Medicine

Also her website shares tons of herbal information, great list of links and covers many health topics beyond this one. Very extensive and trustworthy, in my humble opinion.

I contacted Ms. Cabrera in 2005 and had the great honor of her reply. She validated my choice of Mucuna for Fibromyalgia, saying that it is traditional for Parkinson's and recently added for Fibromyalgia in her clinical practice.



Food allergies are often the source of inflammation, as well.

"Greens with Every Meal!"

Wonderful free Fibromylagia  webinar on AGH site. http://www.americanherbalistsguild.com/Webinars 

Scroll down to the bottom of page to August 15, 2011: Fibromylagia with Karta Purkh Singh (KP) Khalsa ...m

Hope this helps!

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  • Genita
  • Genita

Thank you everyone for the helpful information! Aline,I did a search on Velvet Bean,then I thought maybe I should not try that since I take alot of prescription medicines. I have noticed certain foods mess with my stomach. The webinar was very informative,I believe I will have to find a herbalist to help me because I will have to gradually wean off the meds. I have tried to stop taking them and I felt awful for weeks. I live in west Ga. about an hour and a half  away from Atlanta. If anyone knows of a good herbalist that is  in my area tell me about them.

Hi Genita~

I'm so glad you are open to working with an herbalist in your community. I think this will be VERY supportive for you and give you the individual attention you deserve.

The American Herbalist Guild has a listing of AHG registered herbalists. Here is the link.



By no means is this is a complete list of herbalists in GA, it simply is a listing of the herbalists who have decided to become professional members of AHG and therefore go thru their professional certification program.

You may also be interested in researching local acupuncturists as well.



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  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

This is from Dr. Dryland's April newsletter...an invitation to a free seminar. Here's the link to his website, also: http://www.drdryland.com


Saturday October 20, 2012    9:00am - 12:00pm

Dr. David Dryland presents - The Fibromyalgia Solution and Understanding Your Fight or Flight Response

Smullin Health Education Center 

2825 E Barnett Rd. Medford, OR 



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