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eye wash for horses...suggestions/input anyone?...

Hello beautiful herbie wonders~

I have a horse who has had a chronic 'leaky' eye. It is a light blue eye, (he has one blue eye, one brown eye), with light pink eyelid. (oh he is SO CUTE and beautiful). We get lots of sun (and wind) here in Colorado and I think this aggravates it. Over the last few weeks his sensitivity has increased due to snow glare. Then HUGE winds came and blew through our ranch (140mph) and the leak turned to a outpour/weep and his eyelid was nice and swollen. I've been treating him homeopathically with pulsatilla (this is his constitution) and euphrasia and have kept his eyes cover during the day with a fly mask (mesh 'mask' that they can see thru) to protect his eye just a bit. The homeopathic goodness is TOTALLY clearing up the swelling and now the leak is just a dribble. I've had this hit to offer him an eye wash of some type, yet he is a horse! Yesterday I brewed up a tisane of chamomile and gently lay a clean wash cloth full of the chamomile (rose and calendula as well) over his eye. He dug it!


Does anyone have any other suggestions for supporting a weeping/leaky eye for a horse?

Thanks y'all!~



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We don't have horses, but for ourselves we like aloe vera as an eyewash. Do you keep an aloe vera plant in your house?

I take a leaf, trim the spines off of the leaf margins, and slice it in half to expose the gel inside. I press my thumb into the gel to release more juice, then place the juicy gel side on my eye. We find this to be very soothing and healing.

You can also buy Aloe Vera Juice bottled if you don't have a plant handy.

I don't know if it will stop the weeping, but it may provide relief externally while your herbs are working internally.


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JU HUA! It's dried chrysanthemum flowers. Just make a tea, let it cool and then apply it as a compress a couple of times a day. Has cleared up every stye and case of conjunctivitis I have ever seen in clinic.

Jim McDonald did a class just on eyes at Rootstalk this summer and his primary remedy was plantain.

Not sure what your accessibility is to either of those up on the ridge lady! Which  horse???

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I would suggest a combination of chamomile and fennel. Work wonders together! We have always used it on our cats and dogs.


Thank you SO much for sharing your wisdom with me!

Kiki-ster, it is Kaching ~ Can you see this pic?: http://www.facebook.com/SpiritHorseHerbals#!/photo.php?fbid=152607168091481&set=a.152606741424857.29778.110049202347278&type=1&theater

That shows his blue eye really well. This photo was taken this summer. You can see, he has some 'junk' in the corner of it. This has been a 'chronic' issue and now I'm all about clearing this up once and for all.

Ju Hua~ if you have a good source for this where i could buy it I would love to try it. If I looked really hard right now I might be able to find some plantain hidden and protected right now. It grows prolific here (thankfully) but you know, 140 mph winds, sub-zero temps and snow make it a bit more challenging this time of year~

Aloe~ have multiple plants in my house! My only thought was putting anything slightly sticky/goopy on his eye might be irritating, especially since he is out in the elements and dirt will get stuck to it REALLY easy. With the 'weep' it always seems he has 'ring around the eye' with dirt.

Fennel~ I have none in my apothecary at the moment. Hmmmm... I see I must remedy that!


Thank you each!

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I also found this posted by Tina Sams this morning!! "We chose salty black tea and chamomile compresses externally, and elderberry internally." She had great success treating her daughter's viral conjunctivitis with that combo ;) Weird, this is the 3rd case on the question boards this week....

I can place an order for you through the Bastyr Pharmacy for the Ju Hua. I'll call it in and then you can call and arrange the payment and shipping ;)  Their # is 206-834-4169.

Talk to you soon and we can confirm ;)


Did you place the order? Shall I call tomorrow? Under my name, your name? thank you so mucho!

Chickweed juiced is so soothing to the eyes, pulls infection, heals conjuncivitis effectively. It may help with your horse. Worth a try if you have any chickweed nearby! I harvest my burdock root at a horsefarm and it's loaded with chickweed. Must like the horsepoop???

I do understand that your the problem with your horse isn't conjuntivitis, but I thought I'd throw that little tidbit out and it's the herb that came up for me when I read your post.

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Oooh, that's a good one Suzanne! New to me for sure!

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Ol time formularies speak of the distillate of clary sage as being effective for eye infections. This would mean the hydrosol of clary sage. Sooo when I got pink eye from work this fall. I used my clary sage hydrosol, and it went away very quickly! Very soothing and effective. I spray it into my eyes. I have some I could add to my site.

Distillation is the search for the spirit within...

Thanks for your suggestion Marcus! It wouldn't be feasible to spray anything into Kaching's eye, the compress seems to be the least intrusive and gentle for him. However, list your hydrosols, that would be great to have them here on Poppy Swap~

  • marcus mccoy
  • marcus mccoy

Eye drops as well as soaking the hydrosol onto your poltice of some eyebright... But I would highly recommend clary sage in general. It's very effective.
I plan on listing them all, whooo takes some time though putting them all up there!


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