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EntreprenART is passionate about YOU. And all the "You"s out there. Heard of the movement yet? Well, check us out at http://www.facebook.com/pages/EntreprenART-Living-Free-In-Chaos/164762100241833  and get your word out there! Learn of others, as well.  It's a community that brands individuals and their passions - one face at a time. 

EntreprenART is looking to start to do some sales - t-shirts, bumper stickers, personalized business cards, etc. Then the idea hit - WE NEED AN ENTREPRENART HERBAL HERB. Something that helps people "Follow their heart; find motivation to be strong and confident in their paths." As you can see, we have already 200 followers. This will increase exponentially with time. 

So - Ideas welcome! Let's start some worthy conversation. Very excited! 

PS - EntreprenARTs founder spent 7 years in The Rockies, 1 in San Francisco and was an avid acupuncture goer, health enthusiasts, and healing with whole foods enthusiast! she hearts all of you. 

Courtenay Veenis
Living Free In Chaos

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  • coira44
  • coira44

It looks like a very good idea, really.  And it is a very bold way of giving those who are in the art industry who have earned so less in terms of getting their pieces sold, a chance to make up for it by meaning business with what they could do with it.  I mean, it is about time that they be given the chance to explore the wonders of business on their side and whatever little way they could start on is very good already.


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