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Creating the change we want to see in the world. Poppy Swap vs. Wall Street

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With all of the amazing events happening on the streets in the United States right now, I want to open a discussion about the vision of this site. How it came to be, the heart behind it and where we can take it as a group. This site is about nurturing each other and nurturing the creative. We have all through our experiences with the plants witnessed something beautiful and have been inspired to share that with others. The heart's desire to share, what it has received in grace, is enough to heal the world.

I dropped out of a politically charged life of environmental/human rights activism at a very early age to pursue medicine. My goal was to care for those suffering so that as people, we grow healthier and therefore make a healthy impact on society and the Earth. I wanted to participate in creating a NEW culture rather than just responding to the broken system. For the last 10 years, I have treated patients only with Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, my hands and my time listening. The name of my acpuncture business is ARAS which is an acronym for All Remedies Are Safe. (safe for the Earth and safe for our patients) 

Poppy Swap has the capacity to reach more people. The internet is amazing and people are desperately searching for alternatives to what is called "medicine" in this culture and the average chemically based lifestyle.

I hope to create infrastructure and resources for those of us in the natural healing field so that our voices could be represented and so that our medicine can become more accessible to people in search of help. (The business name is LEOC which stands for Love Each Other Constantly.)

The goals are simple:

-To Inspire: Showing people a path to forming their own relationship to the natural world is an amazing thing to offer at this time of crisis. 

-To Educate: Substantive, quality, wholesome products that nourish the mind, body and spirit and that come from source of integrity and love are available!!! People will continue to feel trapped by the horrific and dangerous options being shoved down their throats every day if we don't educate them that there is an alternative.

-To Provide: Artists, Healers, Herbalists and Farmers need business resources that support them. This site was built as a solution to some of the obstacles that can burden the creative spirit. 

-To Build: Community! We are not alone in this world. Our tribe is positive, awake and thriving. Together we have momentum and impact and can assist in making real change in the world. 

People have a right to create a living for themselves and to put their stories, their wares and their truth out in the world. Poppy Swap wants to provide a venue for the things that can't be owned. Things that can only be shared and exchanged.

Please comment here. Let's share our dreams so that we can build something real. 

Love, Kiki

~bring people herbs~

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"My goal was to begin creating a NEW culture rather than just responding to the broken system"

Exactly our point of view! Old and useless paradigms must be left behind, to leave space to a new way of communicating, sharing and healing. As an anarchist for more than two decades, sharing and exchanging is more important than selling or profitting - and even though sales are low here still, we have already made new friends here, reconnected with old friends and started projects like swaps and collaborations, and that is just as important for me as sales.

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  • DragonflyDew

Kiki and all,

I'm so grateful for this community and your generous gift of starting Poppy Swap! I've always believed that each person can make a difference in the world and try to make a postive one in my own way. I've learned a lot from the herbalists here in the past few months, and hope that I can contribute my skills and knowledge to others as well. Compared to many of the members here, my healing knowledge is still in its infancy, so hopefully my many years of nature and gardening knowledge can be shared in exchange. We can and will create a new culture ~ it's already happening!


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Thank you for sharing this, Kiki.  I think stating your intentions and inspirations is very important to building trust and a team spirit.  I am all about giving my 101% heart and soul to something that benefits the Earth and everyone else involved.  I get excited about all the beauty and talent that comes from other sellers, and I think it would be beautiful to create a gentle, nurturing environment that fosters the individual growth, beauty, and truth of everyone involved.  I am not willing to manipulate my way through cutthroat business, competiveness, elitism, or heirarchry.  I have worked alone for a long time, and would continue to do so if that was the only way to remain true to my self, but knowing the consciousness behind this website is encouraging to me.  Honestly, even though I have had a wonderful selling experience on etsy, I have been seriously considering closing my both of my shops and focusing on my education and family.  However, I feel like I have an obligation to the people whose lives were touched by plants through my creations, and those people also touched my life with their healing stories, and I genuinely love and appreciate them for it because they taught me how wholly and broadly plants heal.  I could not have learned that on my own.

I do believe that fair compensation is healthy, and I don't have a problem with that at all.  But, working with a consciousness of love is key to my desire to participate in any future business ventures.  I feel like I have come to a place that demands love... like the buck stops here.  Either business is pursued with a consciousness of love, or I'm out.

I would like to raise a toast to the phrase, "Progress, not Perfection." In that we all do our best, and continue to improve ourselves and our creations over time.

Gwendolyn Rose Botanicals ~ ♥
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  • greenjourney


Building community from the ground up at Occupyeugene (November 8th)

This is the camp at Washington/Jefferson Park. There a city block, previously occupied only by a large public artwork and some large trees, is undergoing a transformation. I guess about 50 tents, hard to count, as alot of these are huddled together under larger tarps for shelter from the rain, surround a fledgling community center. Consisting of a dome (see behind tipi), covered pavilion (out of range to the left), this tipi, and various smaller canopies (to the right of tipi), the community welcomed us with information about the occupation, and offers services to those in need. Here is a Library, Medical Aid, Childrens' corner, Elders' space, Massage room, Clothing racks, and more all staffed by volunteers from the community.

Under the freeway offramp on Jefferson, a makeshift kitchen is set up behind a low wall of pallets. I brought food and medicine to share. We don't have alot to give from the farm right now, but we do have plenty of wild apples we picked for food, and garlic from our daughter's farm for medicine. I dropped this off at the kitchen, and went over to the tipi, where a fire was being kindled in a half barrel fireplace. It was midday, not the coldest part of day, so not many were in there. I spoke at some length with the firekeeper, a beautiful young man of Modoc descent. At 19 years of age, he was warm and wise, wanting only to help others and stay out of the Marines. We agreed that Columbus was a catastrophe, and the Pilgrims were babies, not having the survival skills to make it in New England. I couldn't agree that whites have no culture, but I understand where he is coming from. Will he become a warrior, a dancer, or a shaman, as his culture guides him to be? How does he fit in the industrialised world? 

For now, he belongs to the movement, and will camp at the park as long as the city will allow it. This is in my mind is nowhere near the best solution with winter coming. But it is the only option many people have and allows for a way forward with dignity.

The homeless population in Lane Co. is estimated to be around 4000. They have a great advocate in the street paper The Oregon Vagabond, which holds writing workshops and basketball at the north end of the park (under the freeway), and offers employment as paper vendors. CALC is another group involved.

Sharing is Oneness


Aline Crehore, Green Journey Seeds
In Plants We Trust


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