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  • marcus mccoy

Hello, my names Marcus McCoy. I am an essential oil distiller trained by Robert Seibel of the Essential oil company in Portland Oregon. I am just starting my buisness Cascadia Terroir, a buisness focusing on distilling only locally harvested and wildcrafted botanicals. All of our oils are harvested and distilled by me and are high quality low heat/pressure small batch distillations. We are currently focused on selling oil enhanced hydrosols in spritzer bottles, as they have a wonderful application to ones room and clothing and as a general air freshener.
My back ground is in herbalism and ethnobotany, having studied ethnobotany at Evergreen state college. I also studied with a south American curandero for over six years focusing on perfumerismo or the animist healing tradition of working with the scents of plants for healing, some what like an animist version of aromatherapy!
Right now I have two products at the moment put on poppyswap and we will have many more added soon. Trying to stick with the holiday season we added locally harvested Doug Fir and Grand Fir some of the most popular christmass trees!
Right now I am running a 20L glass still, truely a thing of marvel and beauty and with some sales here on poppyswap we hope to enlarge our production with a 40L copper portugese alembic still.
I will be adding much more variety of hydrosols soon, as well as hand crafted perfumes.
Nice to be a part of poppyswap!

Distillation is the search for the spirit within...

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Right on, Marcus! Welcome to the Swap! You might want to consider including the link to your Poppy Swap store right here in this thread so we could easily check out your shop.

Enjoy getting to know this beautiful and ever expanding community!~


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  • marcus mccoy
  • marcus mccoy

My web pages are
Which is linked here...

Welcome, Marcus! Can you talk about the moss hydrosol? I had no idea that moss contained essential oils. Very interesting!

"Step over to the Wild Side, where the plants have always been 'Green.'" S. Jordan
  • marcus mccoy
  • marcus mccoy

The moss hydrosol is experimental so to say, and we actually haven't made any yet, oakmoss, and many other moss and lichen scents are usually made from hydrocarbon extractions and can trips an amazing scent. In theory we should be able to capture some of that scent via a steam distillation or hydrodistillation, but you are correct in that it won't capture essential oils really. Looking forward to the experiment and will keep you posted on the results!

Hey Marcus, great to meet you, and good luck with what you're doing! I'm fascinated by distillation, and your still set up sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing your experience, it sounds like you will craft some amazing and unique scents. I would like to buy some essential oils from you at some point as well, locally-made essential oils is right up my alley :)

  • marcus mccoy
  • marcus mccoy

Thanks! Yah distilling is wonderful fun, and I love every aspect of the work, from harvest to finished product. I just distilled some incense cedar that is incredible! And currently I have some Oregon Myrtle wood distilling that is unbelievable! I will be placing them online soon!

  • marcus mccoy
  • marcus mccoy

We focus on what can be wild crafted ethically locally. And we don't buy plants from harvesters and growers, so many of our oils and hydrosols are some what rare and unusual on the essential oil market. Weeping cedar for example... Wow... This one is technically a false cypress and has these unusual smoky chocolate notes that just knock your socks off. Many people who smell it actually begin to weep and release emotional blocks. Because a lot of these are unknown to the aromatherapy industry they should be classified as experimental.

  • marcus mccoy
  • marcus mccoy

Exciting times! We are building a new 55 gallon stainless steel portable still. This will be increasing our yield potential dramatically! Currently we have been using a simple glass 20 liter still by Floragenics. The largest glass still they sell. Glass is wonderful to work with, but there are some limitations size being the major one. With the larger still we will be increasing production and able to really move forward with an official product line. We will be focusing on several products as a constant that we will offer, lavender (Grosso cultivar), creeping juniper, weeping cedar, red cedar, Douglas Fir, eastern Washington sage brush, and cottonwood bud/balm of gilead/black poplar. With random and seasonal selections of miscellaneous plants such as port orford cedar, incense cedar, yarrow and much more.
It's very exciting for us right now! This will also get us into full swing for our first season at the Olympia farmers market.

Good for you! I can't wait to smell some of your creations. I think that our propolis smells a lot like cottonwood bud and poplar buds - I think they are some of our bee's main plant sources for making their propolis. It would be really interesting to smell the essential oil and compare to the propolis! I also love the foresty smells you're working with. It would be really fun to use some of your oils in my soap recipes, I'm working on developing a formula for a soap made with at least 75% Pacific Northwest-grown ingredients.

  • marcus mccoy
  • marcus mccoy

That would make sense with your propalis. The cotton wood bud hydrosol is un believable!
That's awesome your making a soap of JUST PNW ingredients! I think Doug fir essential oil would smell amazing in a soap. It smells so clean. I just distilled juniper and juniper berries today. Nice stuff. I gotta say though I much prefer creeping juniper. So different!

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