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A great article on Grapefruit Seed Extract. If you are using please read!

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  • Danika
  • Danika

Thank you for sharing this, Kiki!

This is some great information, I have only skimmed through so far but will read in detail soon as I can.

It can be hard to find access to solid information regarding GSE. I spent many hours researching all ingredients I have considered using and finding the truth about grapefruit seed extract was a real eye opener. That was a few years back now! I learned of the manufacturing process and read a few studies and that was enough to seal the deal for me. No GSE in Herb & Petal products! Of course, one must do their own due diligence regarding their own products and their intentions. For me, using GSE felt like I would be misleading my customers, it sounds natural, but knowing the real process used to make it, the reality of the product left me unable to use it without feeling guilt for lowering my intended standards. I felt it to be a deceptive product.

On the 'Lets be Real in Our Ingredients' thread, one of the herbalists suggested Leucidal as an alternative preserving agent for hydrous preparations. It is created from radish root ferment. I urge all skin care makers to consider looking into this. I am and I intend to order some in to play around with so I can offer some of my yummy herbal lotions to my customers. Here is a link to more info on leucidal: http://www.theherbarie.com/Leucidal-Liquid--pr-439.html

I am so glad this information is rippling through the herbal community now.

Warmest regards,



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