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A few tips and reminders...

Hello Swappers!

Do you still have “Holiday/Christmas” promotions featured on your storefront?  I’ve seen a few stores that are still promoting Christmas etc and well, it’s almost Valentine’s Day!  Keeping your storefront fresh and updated will assist with customer/buyer confidence.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, have you been dreaming up your Love potions and goodies? We are SO impressed and tickled by some of the beautiful creations that are emerging from our swappers including delicious love potions, soaps, balms, oils, perfume and more.  We love what you do! With that said, we WELCOME you to post all of your new products that you have listed in your Poppy Swap store on our Facebook page as well as your relevant blog posts, and any of your other happening’s (jokes, photos, recipes brilliant insights!).  The content you create online and share helps us promote YOU!


Poppy Swap is on Twitter. Are you? You can follow Poppy Swap at: @poppyswap --Are you following your fellow swappers? Let’s be sure to connect out in the vast Twitterverse as well so that we can promote and support each other!

As you may have seen/read Poppy Swap is hitting the road in March. Our first stop will be the 1st Annual Florida Herbal Conference. Poppy Swap is sponsoring this awesome event. In addition, Kiki will be teaching at the conference including a class called “Fundamentals of Building an Online Business”.  A class not to be missed! Poppy Swap will also have a booth in the herbal marketplace where we will be representing all of YOU as well as growing our beautiful Poppy Swap community.  Please join us if you plan on being there! We’d love to swap hugs with ya!


That’s it from here! I’m feeling the spring itch, are you!?




¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸*´¨( Kristie {Spirit Horse Herbals} PoppySwappin' @ http://www.poppyswap.com/shop/SpiritHorseHerbals

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  • DragonflyDew

Hi Kristie!

Great reminders and I agree there are some beautiful things on Poppyswap. Just a comment on your facebook page settings, they default to only showing "Poppy Swap" posts. You can switch the default to be "Everyone" in your page settings so that people can see our great posts, humor etc. more easily.

Pretty please :-)

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  • kiki

Since you said "pretty please" we decided to do it  ;)))

~bring people herbs~

Howdy! On the poppyswap facebook page, we can't post an original post, just comment on a poppyswap post. boohooooo!!!!

"Step over to the Wild Side, where the plants have always been 'Green.'" S. Jordan

Whoops! It's fixed! I'm also still trying to make 'everyone' the default when you land on the page. If I can't do it I'll see if Kiki can fix it.




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