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a compilation of our herbal business resources~ PLEASE share YOURS~!

Hi friends~

I thought I would start this post/thread as a way of co-creating with you some useful, helpful, and cool resources that we use to grow/cultivate, market, package, create, ship, support, our herbal businesses. My first ‘go-to’ are local suppliers/growers/friends in my own community; but the fact is I live in a town of 600 people in the middle of NOWHERE, so I’ve turned into quite the online shopper. Dance


My hope is that this thread will turn into a practical and useful guide for each of us as well as for new swappers or anyone interested in starting their own herbal business~ Let’s give each other a hand, shall we?!


Specialty Bottle: I purchase packaging (tins, bottles, canisters, etc) here. It is the most reasonably priced company I’ve been able to find so far. I’d love to find other resources.

Online Labels  Labels for my products. You can download templates right off of their website and design your own label.  Inexpensive, yet good quality! I work with a professional designer for my labels but I print everything from home on these labels.

Shipping Boxes (I’d love to know where you all buy any of your eco-friendly packaging).

Star Boxes




Essential oils

Ananda Apothecary


Bulk Herb and Herbal Supplies

Mountain Rose Herbs

Pacific Botanicals

Dry Creek Herb Farm

Zack Woods Herb Farm

Healing Spirits Herb Farm (I haven’t purchased directly from the Riesen’s yet, but I will in a heartbeat if needed.

Alchemical Solutions (pure grain organic alcohol



Eden Labs (botanical extraction tools). I haven’t purchased anything from them yet…

Copper Stills copper stills for distilling essential oils and hydrosols

Plans to make your own (cheap!) tincture press:



Live plants/herb starts:

Horizon Herbs

Crimson Sage

Richters Herbs

Desert Canyon Farm (local, onsite purchases only. Tammi Hartung's farm. AMAZING plants!)


Marketing Tools

Zoomerang (an online survey tool)

Survey Monkey (online survey tool)

Weebly (design your own free website)

Overnight Prints: Inexpensive DIY postcards you can create online. Thanks Blue Turtle Botanical’s (Darcey!) for this lead. Great print quality, turnaround time, and price.

Moo: more expensive but easy DIY biz cards, postcards, etc.



Tea Supplies


Please add your favorite resources you utilize to support your herbal business!

~ Kristie

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  • DragonflyDew
  • DragonflyDew

Nice list Kristie!

Here are my additions:


Wholesale Supplies Plus - all prices include shipping so it makes it easy to estimate costs per product, plus they are very reasonable.

SKS-Bottles - best price for tins, amber glass and they have such a large selection,

Magestic Mountain Sage (MMS) - close (Utah) so shipping is fast, cheap and always packaged perfectly. Great, helpful Forum.


Mountain Rose Herbs are simply the best! I only order from them.

Essential Oils: Ananda Apothecary, Mountain Rose Herbs, MMS


Labels by the Sheet because I don't want to buy a 100 at a time just yet. I design and print everything in my house, using a laser printer and waterproof laser sheets.

Live Plants/Herbs - I grow most of my own from seed in the sunroom, otherwise I buy from local small growers. Seeds come from Botanical Interests (Colorado) or various other non-GMO vendors.

Shipping Boxes:  Free from USPS, I ship most things Priority Flat Rate Shipping unless small then USPS First Class. I personally like UPS better, but USPS does make it easy.

Marketing Tools:

Newsletter: Mailchimp because it's free and I don't send too many. My newsletter needs to be more frequent, at which time I will look at others.

Website: weebly is my current website builder, it has its flaws but I know enough css and html to get around them. Eventually I will move to a better sales cart/website solution.

Facebook and Twitter of course!







For gardens and gardeners, nature lovers and earth sustainers ~ http://www.gardeningfornature.com
Dragonfly Dew at Poppy Swap ~ http://www.poppyswap.com/shop/DragonflyDew
  • greenjourney
  • greenjourney

Way to go, Kristie and Kathy! Thanks for being community minded and sharing your resources! The poppyswap way...

Eco-friendly packaging? I have been using the Jiffylite cushioned mailers for shipping seeds and seed cards. These are 100% recycled paper (10% post-consumer) with 15% recycled plastics. I wish I could find one with 100% recycled plastics?

I buy all of our paper supplies at a local paper distributor in Eugene, Paper Plus. They've been hard hit by the recession and their inventory is shrinking, but they are willing to special order from the manufacturers if we buy a larger quantity. For instance, instead of 500 coin envelopes, we have to get 5000 at a time. 

Paper Plus sells bubble mailers, envelopes, recycled paper, card stock, tapes, and poly bags. Does anyone know where to buy vegetable cellulose bags other than Mountain Rose? They don't have the size I use for the seed card sets. Maybe they can get them for me?


Aline Crehore, Green Journey Seeds
In Plants We Trust

Not physical resources but very important for me:




Yes, these are all ideals and on a daily basis wax and wane.

~Learn about naturally caring for your skin with the wild flair and passion of the green Earth~
  • good4you
  • good4you

Hello EveryOne!

Kristie ... have u purchased a copper distiller from your link ... i am interested in getting one but am not sure 

it's so amazing , my source list matches yours (kristie) pretty right on ... here is a little more for everyone

Healing Spirits Herb Farm is super amazing . i have purchased herbs from Andrea and Matthias when i first started in 2004 ... they are amazing people and definitely helped me along the way . a highly recommended source for wild carrot seed . they have roots with rosemary gladstar teachings . a magical couple

Heart Song Herb Farm is another amazing herb source . a family farm based in new hampshire . the Phillips family is amazing as well . i took a few classes with Nancy and their herbs are of the highest quality just like the Reisins 

with packaging material i get super creative and thifty when i have the time . i love to use the giant boxes i get sometimes in the mail of supplies and turn them into little boxes . i also have a bunch of friends collecting small boxes for me from various jobs they have . i also like to use old homework from college and high school as packaging paper as well as old magazines, newspaper etc . i tend to stay away from newspaper sometimes because of the ink runoff . i usually use newspaper as the outer layer in packages 

Tumblr is actually one of my favorite marketing tools . i personally dislike facbook and have never really understood how to use twitter . tumblr is pretty underground still as far as comparing it to facebook and twitter, but it has so many cool layouts you can use to create a unique blog .  you guys can check out mine to get an idea . it is not that popular yet but i feel really good about using it because it doesn't feel as big and intrusive as facebook . i wish i utilized my facebook more, but something just doesn't feel right about it as a company as a whole ... what do u guys think ?

Pinterest is cool for marketing . don't get scared of by the invite ... they will usually invite you in a few days and u can have fun creating posts !

Nashville Wraps  is pretty alright ... i use them for very specific items like small packaging boxes and biodegradable bags . i really feel uncomfortable buying too much packaging, as i don't want to impact the world's resources too much, but they are a little smaller then sks and speciality bottle . i do use speciality bottle and sks though, i wish the packaging offered was more eco friendly . i know if is going in the direction 

Taos Herbs is great for sacred dried herbs !

I love Pacific Botanicals !! definitely give them some love ... i know we might give it all to mountain rose, but they are such a great company that has been around prob. as long as mountain rose . they specialize only in pounds of herbs pretty much, a little more pricey then mountain rose, but they usually have everything you need as well as hearts on thank u notes @

that's all i can think of for now .. might write more another time . peace !

  • DragonflyDew
  • DragonflyDew

Nice additions Jess! 

I didn't think about tumblr for this, your site looks great! I do have a tumblr page for my gardening for nature photos, but I think I will add one for Dragonfly Dew. I will look at Nashville Wraps for Biodegradable Cello bags. I ordered from Cellobags.com once, but would not recommend them due to a "coincidence" theft of my credit card info shortly after. I can't say it was from them, just to close in dates to scare me off. And I've never heard of Taos Herbs so will check them out as well.



Hey Jess~

No, I have not purchased one ever but this site/supplier came super dooper recommended. It is Jeanne Rose and one day while perusing around AHG Facebook page I saw that it came with lots of kudos!


And thanks so much for sharing your process around your packaging because seriously, it is SO creative and SO awesome. I just love how unique it is and I always feel there is so much of your love in every aspect of your medicine, from the inside goodness, to the handcrafted labels and really fun boxes you send.

Kathy, Aline, and Violet Herbs~ Thank you both for your contributions as well! Let's keep our list growing. I think it will be so valuable not only to the seasoned online sellers but for all of the new herbalists who want to begin selling and feel lost with where to start. Let's help 'em out!

xo Kristie

  • admin
  • kiki

WOW, I so love our community. 

I did want to pop in with a little plug for sourcing seeds which could be the most important of all and remind everyone that Aline has been a dedicated and diligent seed saver and protector of the integrity of our plants. Green Journey carries an outstanding variety of herbs in their gallery....and I have been in their green house. 

So much tenderness. 

Green Journey Seeds

Where we source our seeds could never be more important than it is right now. 

Thanks so much Aline for your heart felt efforts and contribution to us all!!!

xox Kiki

~bring people herbs~

Ah, I love a good resource list!

Outright is a great free resource for organizing finances, especially if you regularly use PayPal.  It automatically tracks money move in and out of PayPal, bank accounts and other sources, allows you to create reports, and more.

Sunburst Bottle Company is a great resource for bottles and jars.  There prices are good, but it is their customer service and commitment to green business practices that really makes me a fan.

Those are my two small additions since most of the resources I used have already been covered.  

Thanks so much for sharing, everyone!

All the best,


I'm looking into a new resource for my essential oils...I've checked Ananda apothecary and they look great, just wondering what everyone thinks of Mountain Rose Herbs for essential oils- most of their EO's are organic.

Also, what is your resource for Vegetable Glycerine?  I've ordered from Azure Standard before and get some of my other ingredients from them as well. 



Mountain Rose and Ananda Apothecary BOTH rock! Check out our ebook as well as we list lots of good herbie resources! You can download it from our Facebook page!




Thanks so much for joining in on our forum. SO lovely to have you here!



  • walterlucas
  • walterlucas

Oh,,, this is good idea, Hopefully others will share to so I can check about their company names.


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