Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Whenever my big brother wants to tease me about what I do, he says things like, “what’s a nettle?”

Nettles are a superfood. Nettles are an allergy cure. Nettles assist in kidney health.

Nettles are weed.

Look along sunny trailsides and the edges of densely treed areas. Nettles seem to grow around alders, doug firs, and maples where the soil is not too wet. The tips are slightly purple and the leaves are opposite, serrated and have hair-like structures that are both stinging and non-stinging. The stings are considered therapeutic by some and there are methods of gathering that will prevent stinging entirely. If you plan to do a big harvest and want to move fast, Wear gloves!! We have found that sturdy rubber kitchen gloves are the most protective. You can use clippers or just use both hands and gently gather the top few inches of the plant.

Once they go through the food processor, they are safe for eating raw. I add them to any recipe that calls for blended greens. They make a fantastic base for pesto and are dense in minerals. I love them in my morning smoothie! If you have a gold star recipe send it in and we will post it here!

*Don’t Forget to Smell your Spring*

Love kiki

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