Monday, September 10th, 2012

By Rebecca Altman, Kings Road Apothecary

Fall approaches swiftly. You can tell, even if its still hot outside, because the light has changed. All summer long it was bright and white, and lately its taken on a yellow tinge. At the same time, the goldenrod has started to bloom- bright yellow clusters of flowers waving in the wind, ushering in the change of seasons. If you’re familiar with goldenrod as medicine, its a useful little sunny thing to have around: a bitter, warm carminative that affects the kidneys and digestive tract. It’s great for gas and bloating, and even better for things like UTI and edema. It pulls excess water out of the system through the urinary tract, making it specifically indicated for situations where the kidneys ache and there’s dark, scanty urine. It’s also useful for skin conditions- dry flaky skin on the legs and scalp, and sheets of little bumpy acne on the cheeks.

My favourite use for it, however, is topically. Goldenrod oil relieves sore, achy muscles like none other, especially that deep ache that keeps you awake at night. Fantastic on sore feet (after a long day) or torn muscles (helps them heal quickly too!), my house is never without goldenrod oil preparations.


Here are some of my favourite products containing goldenrod on Poppy Swap!


Amrita Apothecary’s Pain Killer Salve:



Kings Road Apothecary’s Busted Joint Ointment:



Good 4 U Goldenrod Honey:


Dried goldenrod tea from Northwood Buffalo:


Pixie’s Pocket goldenrod tincture:







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