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Meet Natalie Vickery! Natalie is a Traditional Herbalist whose roots are firmly planted in the South.  Although, she was born and raised in Tennessee, Natalie has spent the past 24 years living and loving life in North Florida.  Natalie provides consultations as well as classes and is one of the founding members of the North Florida Holistic Network, a Non-Profit organization which is dedicated to promoting holistic and sustainable practices and sells her herbal products on Poppy Swap’s as The Family Herbalist.



Home Remedies:   Preventing and Treating Bites and Stings

By Natalie Vickery, The Family Herbalist

We had a very mild winter here in the Southeast this past year, and as a result,  the mosquitoes are out in full force.  Prevention to exposure is definitely the way to go, but sometimes bites and stings do happen.  It’s amazing as to what medicines you can find in your own kitchen cabinet.  These remedies are safe, natural and affordable and pretty convenient in a pinch.


Garlic and Onion – Eating garlic and onion may help to deter insects from biting.

Thiamin – Eating foods high in Thiamin (B1) may help to deter insects from biting.  Some foods high in Thiamin include: asparagus, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, spinach, sunflower seeds, tuna, green peas, tomatoes, eggplant and Brussels sprouts.

Lighten Up – Dark colored clothing is said to attract insects.  Wear light color clothing to help detour insects from landing.

Stay Covered – By keeping skin covered you may not completely prevent insects from biting, but it certainly acts as a deterrent.

Essentials – Aromatic oils known as “essential oils” can be combined together to make a homemade bug spray.  Some oils to consider might be Citronella, Eucalyptus or Lemongrass.


Dealing with Bites and Stings:

Baking Soda – Make a paste out of baking soda by adding a few drops of water. Immediately apply to the bite or sting and hold in place until the irritation subsides.

Ice – Apply ice to sooth the area.

Basil – Bruise fresh basil leaves and apply to a bee sting.

Parsley – Apply fresh crushed parsley to a bite to help neutralize the poison.

Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar apply to a bite or sting may help to ease the itching.


Homemade Bug Spray:

It’s easy enough to make your own homemade bug spray:


2 ounces of Witch Hazel

20 drops of Geranium Essential Oil

20 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil

20 drops of Citronella Essential Oil

Add essential oils to the witch hazel and place the mixture in a spray bottle.  Apply often to prevent insects from biting.

©Natalie Vickery 2012


Here are a couple great bug bite products from some of our Swappers!

Sea Willow Herbs

Herbal bug spray and bite soother


Mystic Farms

Herbal bug spray


Darcy From the Forest

Yarrow skin healing salve


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