Monday, August 6th, 2012

The Medicine Bear

A novel written by Jesse Wolf Hardin

“The story of a healer, a love, and a time of transition”

Author Jesse Wolf Hardin is the cofounder of the acclaimed Plant Healer Magazine and the flagship event for the folk herbal resurgence, The Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference, as well as cofounder of the Anima School of nature awareness and plant medicine. His hundreds of published articles and over a dozen books have stretched and entertained his readers on topics as diverse as: healing and herbalism, deep ecology in natural history, sense of place and indigenous traditions, American history and contemporary politics, primitive hunting and antique firearms. His themes promote the messages of increased awareness, sentience and aesthetics, the wisdom of the land, personal responsibility and a code of honor.

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A review from his website about his newest book, The Medicine Bear, describes how this novel:

“will be appreciated by anyone who values a well told tale with colorful details and deeply developed characters, or the Southwest’s complex multicultural history, mythos and magical allure. And most especially, it may be treasured by current day herbalists and healers, by the lovers of magical realism, and the communicative natural world, by those of you who hear and respond to a calling of any sort, by readers welcoming of the inspiration and affirmation to do whatever it takes to fulfill your purpose and live your dream.”

An excerpt from The Medicine Bear

“Healing is a magical process,” the curandera Doña Rosa explained to Omen, giving each word its worth and weight. “We need no more proof than a bloody cut quickly healing until there is no mark, to know that our bodies are miraculous indeed. The things we use – our focused energy, skills, prayers, practices, and knowledge of nutrition and herbs – can all assist with this miracle. But the intention of the Medicine Woman is neither to help people escape all pain, or help some being to forever avoid its mortal demise. Our work is to help other people to become as consciously balanced and whole as the ever changing universe we are a part of.”

Find more information and purchase a copy of his book by clicking here.

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