Thursday, July 5th, 2012

The solstice has passed, the sun is shining away, and summer is in full swing throughout the lands. The PoppySwappers are outside in their gardens, foraging deep in the forests, and soaking up the sunshine by the rivers. Spending more time outdoors brings some considerations that deserve your attention whether you like it or not!

The small flying creatures like mosquitos, ticks and fleas are out and about, and would love to get a little more intimate with you than you’re probably comfortable with. Don’t let this keep you from spending time with your bare feet on the ground outside, for we’ve listed a few great products from our Swappers to keep you covered!

Bug Sprays

Your first line of defense! Spray these on before and during your excursions to keep a comfortable space cushion from those flying and crawling creatures.

Coyote Moon Bug Spray


Good4You ‘end of time’ Bug Spray

After the Bite!

Oops! It’s too late and you’ve been bitten or stung by that oh so friendly little critter! Reach for this product to soothe your bumps.

Itch Stick Relief from Bug Bites


You threw caution to the wind!

Let’s say your little one (or you) went running through the forest and didn’t pay attention to where they (you) were walking! Poison oak and poison ivy have been known as plants that keep us walking with reverence and caution through the forest. Here’s a remedy if it’s too late…

Poison Oak/Ivy Remedy

For your Pets

Let’s not forget the four-leggeds! They are susceptible to fleas, ticks and mites too! Here is a product that will keep them itch free.

Pet’s Fly and Mosquito Spray


Get out into the sun/forest/garden and embrace the summertime and all it has to offer!

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