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The Herb Shoppe was opened on September 15th, 2005 in our first location on East Burnside.  In May of 2008 we moved The Shoppe to its current location on Hawthorne Blvd in Portland, OR. They also have another location at 394 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY  11217. It is owned and operated by Dr. JJ Pursell who has her private Family Medicine practice within The Shoppe.

What does The Herb Shoppe offer the great folks of Portland, OR?

The Herb Shoppe is a community oriented retail business focused on providing the highest qualities of herbs and botanical products.  We try to source most of our products from local growers and Oregon based distributors.  Some of those include: Oregon’s Wild Harvest, Pacific Botanicals, Winword Intentional Community, and Mountain Rose Herbals.  We also believe strongly in supporting local Herbalists and have an entire section devoted to their products. These herbs are some of the finest herbal products available.

One of the cornerstones of The Herb Shoppe is to be a resource for our community in the study of herbal medicine and traditional healing.  We are a full service Natural Pharmacy, providing over the counter herbal medications for day to day physical ailments.  We are also an herbal compounding pharmacy, filling prescriptions for patients in the form of liquid extracts (teas), tinctures, and/or capsules.

The Herb Shoppe also serves as a Practitioner Treatment space.  We offer full service patient care with treatments focused in Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture.  Because of this, professionalism and confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

Education is offered through our Free Wednesday Night Lecture series.  This involves local Practitioners contributing their time and knowledge in a wide range of subjects.  Lectures run from the end of September through May each year, taking the summer months off.  Other workshops are also taught in the back space, including a 10 month Herbal Certification class.

Here at The Herb Shoppe I have always focused on community.  This extends beyond my fabulous group of employees, reaching to local farmers, herbalists and you, our customers.

How did The Herb Shoppe manifest into reality?

I hung my shingle in 2005 while I was in school at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine mainly out of selfish reasons.  I craved a place where I could find locally grown, vital organic herbs.  This decision led to the September 15, 2005 opening of The Herb Shoppe.

My first location was at 24th and Burnside, and many of my loyal customers remember that location fondly.  But as all growing business must do, I took a leap to perpetuate the growth of the shoppe and moved into the Hawthorne business district in May of 2008.

Could you tell us about the Herbal Certification Course that you offer?

This is a great foundational course for anyone who wants to learn more about herbs.  Structured around Rosemary Gladstar’s Art and Science of Herbal Medicine, it is a combination of self study and class work.  Most classes are review of course material and gives us the opportunity to explore certain subjects more in depth.  Focused in rich earth centered herbal medicine, we will also discuss naturopathic medicine techniques and organ systems as they pertain to the course work.

Daytime/Weekend field trips and herb walks are also included as plant identification is an important aspect of herbal medicine.  Workshops are also a part of the course to give each student a better understanding of making plant medicine.

Considered by many to be one of the finest home study courses on herbalism available in this country, The Science & Art of Herbalism offers a comprehensive overview of herbalism and prepares the student to competently and effectively use herbs for home health care. It’s an excellent introduction for the beginner/intermediate student of herbalism and gives an in-depth overview of herbalism. For the more advanced student it provides an excellent review and a solid foundation upon which to build their own studies.

The Science & Art of Herbalism guides you into the very heart of herbalism. It instills in the student both the necessary skills to practice this ancient healing art as well as a profound understanding of the spirit and essence of herbalism.

Thank you so much for the information! Any last words of wisdom?

We all hope you’ll stop by soon – whether just to “poke” around, or if you have any herbal or home remedy questions that we may be able to answer.  Herbal medicine truly is “medicine for the people” and it is everyone’s right to live a healthy and vital existence.  Here at The Herb Shoppe we believe using herbs can help promote that. Hope you see you soon and until then,

Be well -  Dr. JJ

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