Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

We’d love to have you visit us at our farm, Honey Rock Gardens, in Louisville, TN, where you’ll find hundreds of organically grown herbs, flowers and vegetables.  We also have topiaries, planters and “gardens in a pot.”

Inside the Herbal Cottage you’ll see dried flowers, herbs, potpourri supplies, herbal soaps, books, and gifts for the gardener and good cook.  We’ve chosen the best gardening tools, gloves and organic gardening supplies.  You’ll love our own “3 B Honey” named for my father (Gerald Bailey,) us (the Browns), and of course, the Bees!

The Little House on the hill is our meeting room where we have classes, workshops and celebrate special days such as “Lavender Day” and “Christmas at Honey Rock.”

We’ve been growing and enjoying herbs for nearly 30 years.  We’d love to share the joy of herbs with you!

Click here to travel to Honey Rock’s website and find out more!

06/20/12 | Category: Herb Growers

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