Monday, June 11th, 2012

The School of Traditional Western Herbalism is an herbal education center in Portland Oregon offering a comprehensive 3-year herbal studies program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Each nine-month course includes classes with several nationally, internationally, and locally respected and highly sought after herbalists and herbal educators. Our instructors and guest instructors include: Matthew Wood, Paul Bergner, Margi Flint, 7song, Jim McDonald, Larken Bunce, Dancing Crow (Deborah Frances, ND), Scott Kloos, Chris Smaka, Hanna Jordan, and others.

Our program integrates holistic, vitalist, and progressive approaches to herbalism.

The herbalist training program provides a well-rounded and solid foundation for the beginning herbalist, as well as the advanced skills needed by clinical herbal practitioners. Our classes include an inspiring and rigorous blend of in depth materia medica, traditional herbal wisdom, plant identification, medicine making, holistic practitioner skills, vitalist health protocols, and a variety of interesting therapeutic topics.

To find out more about The School of Traditional Western Herbalism, click here to travel to their website!
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