Friday, April 13th, 2012

Welcome to Goodwin Creek Gardens, a family run nursery tucked among the oaks, pines and firs of southwestern Oregon. We love where we live, and we love what we do, which is growing a wonderful mix of heirloom and contemporary cultivars of both useful and ornamental plants. Our selection includes medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, everlastings, scented geraniums,lavenders, native American species, plants that attract hummingbirds, orbutterflies, and lots more. We take pride in how we grow and ship our plants, and guarantee that they will arrive in excellent condition. We ship plants throughout the USA, including California, Arizona, and Hawaii.

We work very hard to provide our customers not only with high quality plants, but ones that have been grown in a conscientious and environmentally friendly manner. All of our plants are grown with organic soil ingredients, organic fertilizers and (though seldom needed) organic pesticides.

Click here to travel to Goodwin Creek Garden’s website and discover more!

04/13/12 | Category: Herb Growers, Poppy Swap

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