Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Ancestree Herbals, situated in the Twisp River Valley in North-Central Washington, is a trusted producer of wholesale, wild-crafted, and certified organic medicinal herbs, around the nation. Experienced organic grower Tyler McGrath is committed to production of the freshest, premier quality medicinal herbs, grown with interest for the sustained biodiversity of all creatures on this earth. It is on three and a half acres that we care for at least 150 species utilizing a permaculture approach and inviting in the wild while producing for others.

We supply a diverse range of customers – from large tincture and oil manufacturers, to retail herb stores, to home medicine makers, and seed retailers. Our focus is on fresh, vibrant, well-cared for plant material. We are nestled in a rural valley on the eastern slopes of the North Cascade mountains in Washington State. It is the high alpine snowmelt that nourishes the thirst of our farm.

To discover more about Ancestree Herbals, click here to travel to their website!

04/2/12 | Category: Herb Growers

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