Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Dear Swappers!

Many of you tuned in to our 2011 series “Marketing Mondays” on the Poppy Swap forum. It was an 8 week series on designed to help our herbalists focus on their online skills and prepare for the holiday season. Well, we have now taken that information and expanded it into a more comprehensive E-Book:

For the Herbalist in Business:
How to Successfully Sell Online

Business practices, theories and techniques that promote your livelihood, nourish your community and support your soul.

This E-Book was created for you by Kiki, the founder of Poppy Swap, and Kristie Nackord of Spirit Horse Herbals. It is the first edition of something that will be an ever~evolving guide to getting your business up and running on the internet. Our goal is to provide you the know-how AND the technology to make your creative dreams come true.

We believe, that as each individual herbalist brings their own work forward, there is a greater potential for us to unite and enhance the power of our collective vision.

Download a copy of the E-Book for free!

We invite you to please leave any comments and feedback that you feel may benefit the herbalists in our community who hope to “bring people herbs!”

Love, Kiki and Kristie

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6 Responses to Our First E-Book!

  1. Cheryl Jones says:

    Hi Poppy Swap, & Spirit Horse
    Beautiful, helpful E book . Thank you for your generosity and sharing your knowledge. I have a question I am hoping you can answer. You see, I am occasionally computer illiterate. I downloaded your book and now am not able to find the download location it was directed to. How do I access this book. This the first “E book” I’ve downloaded so highly possible I’m going about this all wrong.
    Thank you for any insight you can share.

    Cheryl Jones

    • kiki says:

      You should have a folder in your computer called “downloads”. If you are on a mac go to “Finder” and the folder will be in there. If you are on a PC, I think it will just be under “My Computer” or wherever central place you store your files. Let us know if you need more help!!

  2. Ann says:

    Thanks so much for posting this for free – so useful to have some ideas on how to navigate this online world…

  3. Susie says:

    Thank you both Poppy Swap & Spirit Horse Herbals for sharing with all of us…I am going to download now!

  4. So glad everyone is enjoying the ebook! Bring your questions over to the forum and lets chat!

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