Saturday, March 10th, 2012

The days are getting longer, and the anticipation is hard to ignore. Tomorrow we take the BIG LEAP FORWARD!

We know that your feet are aching to feel green underneath them again. Nothing sounds better than to run around outside, smelling spring blossoms and watching crocuses and tulips bloom a techni-color world. Its time to emerge from hibernation. But if you find yourself still reaching for a hat or building a fire in your living room instead of on the beach; don’t get frustrated. There’s a special treasure in this limbo time.

Here’s our advice if you are feeling pent up and antsy: grab a shovel!

While its true that Fall is usually the season we get excited to harvest root foods and medicines. But think about it, where do all the lovely green shoots surge up from? The Roots. Where is the energy strongest in the plant right now? The Roots! The energy of a plant has never been so ready to potentiate as it is right now! We say that’s a pretty exciting moment.

Here’s a great article on harvesting and drying roots. Roots to look for in this Spring include burdock, dandelion, sarsaparilla, yellow dock, and oregon grape root. They are all, in some way or another, cleansing to the body, and assist in liver function and detoxi´Čücation. They get blood moving. They kick your liver into gear which will give your body the spring cleaning it needs after a sleepy winter.

Check out all of the clever ways our Poppy Swappers are diggin their roots! Their preparations are “spring-loaded” and provide just what you’ll need for the longer days ahead.

“Spring Cleaning” tea blend is 100% organic. A deeply nourishing blend of roots, leaves and fruits that gently cleanse and nourish the liver and blood while keeping the immune system supported.

Herbal Revolution describes this blend as: “a very earthy, full~bodied sweet/bitter tea that you can feel move deep into the body and is ideal for use during season changes.”

Made With:
OG Burdock Root, OG Dandelion Root, OG Yellow Dock Root, OG Astragulus Root, OG Rose Hips and OG Red Clover Leaf

Be a good scout and be prepared! If you like to get wily in the woods, your skin may not always come home happy. Plan ahead with a specially blended Skin Relief Salve made by Tanza Botanicals.

For use on all types of itchy skin, including bug bites, itchy skin, poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac.

Made with: Ashwagandha, burdock, plantain, dandelion, comfrey, yellow dock, calendula, vitamins A and E, organic oils, vegetable glycerin and beeswax.

And the most promising offering of all? Herbal Roots Zine. This incredible magazine is focused on teaching children about nature and the power of plants. Each edition focuses on one herb and contains many activities to make learning about that herb a lot of fun. If you are looking for a herbal course that is easy to understand and has the ability to teach children about herbs, look no further! Herbal Roots Zine is designed to raise the interest level of children and adults through hands-on learning and repetition. There are stories, crossword puzzles, mazes, crafts, recipes and much more!

Happy Digging!!
Rebecca of Kings Road Apothecary

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