Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Are you feeling the zing of Spring?

We want to know what’s blooming in YOUR neighborhood and calling you out of your winter slumber. What vine has started twinkling on your back porch? What little sprig surprised you on your path this week?

Who is your herbal spring muse?

Spring Nettles of the Pacific NW

Send us a photo that inspires the Spring spirit in us and you will be entered to receive a 2 oz bottle of Parvati’s Devotion Herbal Syrup from Darcey Blue of Blue Turtle Botanicals.  This syrup is a sweet blend of 9 different herbs including Red Clover, Rose, Damiana and Vanilla and promises to tantalize you into the wild callings of nature that are just around the corner!

Parvati's Devotional Herbal Syrup

Please submit photos here or on our facebook page
by March 25 and we’ll let our swappers decide their favorite! Voting will be open from March 26 to April 1st, and the winner will be announced on April 1st, no foolin!!

And! A Special Spring Giveaway!

To celebrate the second spring of Poppy Swap and to say thanks to all of our sweet fans for the inspiration you provide YEAR ROUND, Darcey Blue is also offering a free Spring Seasonal Herbal Baskets to one lucky customer at Poppy Swap!  Everyone and anyone who makes a purchase at Poppy Swap stores in month of March or April will be entered to win this sweet basket full of spring season herbs to support you through the seasonal transitions and changes!  This basket is an amazing collection of tinctures, salve, tea, flower essence and is valued at $99! The herbs will come in a decorative gift basket, perfect for showcasing the herbal potions as a gift, or great for storage of your medicines while you use them throughout the season.

So get excited! Spring is here!

Share your muse and shop the swap!

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