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Authentic Haven Brand sells manure tea, an all-natural soil conditioner, to customers across the country, Canada and beyond. A family recipe that has been passed down for well over a century, Haven Brand “moo poo tea” has been helping gardeners, landscapers and farmers for years. Kristie Nackord of Spirit Horse Herbals caught up with Annie to find out more about her mission to enrichen our soils!

Tell us a little about your background. What are “your roots”?!

Didn’t it all begin with your great great (great?) grandfathers seed company?

Though Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew manure tea has been around since 1924, Annie Haven’s ancestors had been using this family concoction since before the conception of Haven Seed Co. in 1853. The Haven family manure tea was originally sold to mid-size farms in the southern California area and has come a long way since 1924.
You can now find the Haven family brew in portions that fit the home gardeners needs. When the Havens began to sell off some of their farm acreage, this land went to housing developments. Rather than curse the increased population, the Havens embraced it by creating smaller packages of manure tea to accommodate their new neighbors. The manuretea market grew; as did the awareness of what 100% natural soil nutrients can do for both soil and plants.
Authentic Haven Brand manure tea is and always has been 100% natural harvested, processed and Eco hand packaged. Even when farmers began turning to chemicals with their advent in the late 1940’s, Annie’s grandfather, Archibald Blaine Haven, steered clear. Haven livestock has been raised pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free on permanent native grass pastures for generations.

How are herbs/plants in your life today?
I have a wide verity of herbs I plant throughout the rose beds as companion plantings as well as in my vegetable gardens

What kind of products do you make?

I Eco hand package a garden soil product line of 100% natural Soil nutrients Cow, Horse and Alfalfa tea.

How can your product benefit herbalists who grow their own medicine?

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew is harvested, processed and Eco hand packaged from only Haven raised grass fed livestock. We raise our livestock free of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO/GE feed, herbicides and pesticides. Harvesting from our Closed Loop source ensures our customers they are purchasing quality 100% natural Soil nutrients. Safe for all soil, foliage and plant types. Hydrating by soaking your hard to germinate seeds in Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew before you plant your seeds will enhance germination. It’s important to use the manure tea to moisten your soil when planting your seeds and continue to feed your soil throughout the growing season to increase bloom, vegetable and herb yield.

Where do you like to harvest? What’s your process?
I harvest both the by-product from my livestock and my herbs in mid-morning when the dew has dried.
What’s you favorite plant? What has it taught you?

I have several plants I enjoy and for multiple reasons so that’s a real hard question, Lavender, Lemon grass, Thyme, seem to be my top favorites or go to plants.

Order now through March 15th with discount code “moo-me” and receive Free Shipping. Annie also says “Pay it forward” and will send 1 free bag of soil nutrient with your order. Share some with a neighbor or a friend!!

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