Friday, January 6th, 2012

I believe She hears me when I pray
Like breath sent on the wind
Like a voice that carries love
I believe I am heard

Even when the eyes of summer are closed
even when the hands of autumn withdraw
there is a blanket of knowing
and an unspoken law of rebirth

I believe in our place among the plants
Among the flowers and dirt
and wild waters
and I know there is an absolute belief in us
or we wouldn’t be here.

Our connection is deep, long, and unending
Today I pray in gratitude for the turning of the wheel
The bounty of cycles
The beauty of sleep and stillness
The inner awakening of Solstice

May the spark in your soul be kindled and tended on this sacred day.

~Ananda Wilson
Amrita Apothecary

01/6/12 | Category: Green Dirt

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