Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Nobody likes to get the flu, and yet, even when we do all the right things to take care of ourselves, sometimes we still get sick. Being sick is bad enought but there is nothing worse than being sick and dragging yourself out to the store when all you really want is to be home in bed!

This Winter Wellness Kit was developed so that you’ll have everything ready for you or a family member when your body needs a break.

It features 3 tinctures- each for a specific purpose, made from ethically and sacredly wildcrafted plants that are proven to strengthen, sooth and restore!

Elder Elixir- Fight Back! A delicious blend of immune supporting and anti-viral elder berries and elder flowers will strengthen your system and attack the bug.

Yarrow Boneset Compound- Sweat it out! This is a compound that relaxes tissues, stimulates circulation, releases tension, supports a healthy fever and relieves aches and pains.

Sniffles and Sneezes- Soothe Yourself! An herbal tea will comfort you. This blend supports healthy fever and immune response, relieves sore scratchy throats, and aids in breaking up congestion.

Nighttime Respiratory Calm- Rest! This formula is designed specifically to calm the cough that just won’t quit and keeps you up night. This is strong medicine, use it during the day, but make sure you can stay bundled up and resting, as it may make you sleepy!

The Winter Wellness Kit comes with an instruction card on how best to use the medicines for maximum effectiveness, and “How to Handle Winter Illness”, a short article about treating winter illness at home safely and successfully.

Darcey Blue French is the herbalist at Blue Turtle Botanicals. Darcey practices in the the Vitalist tradition of herbalism, which fosters the interconnection and nourishment of body, mind, and spirit. You can read more about her here! Thanks Darcey!

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